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How to add Chinesse handwriting keyboard on iPad

How to add Chinesse handwriting keyboard on iPad

first opening setting then you click chinesse handwriting keyboard on ipad i am going to show you how to add this. we will add some launage keyboard. watch me and follow me this. you will choose one launage each, then just click this and follow me! lets do this together just try your best and follow this direction..good job guys i am trying to help you how to use add keyboard. and let me introduce myself. my name is lena and i am full of deaf and cebral palasy(cp) i am sorry that my grammer isn’t good but it was horrible and try to understand my English. i let you know when i will upload another tutorial of ipad i will show you everything. tell me and what do you want to learn tutorial what do i can? lets see… any idea of ipad tutorial. i don’t know what do i can? i know it hard to be learning English and i have been used study some English whatever! forget about it! you don’t know what i am saying?! please understand me and go ahead i am doing to show you right now and follow me . look at this! i will add caption closed for you! what i can do for you? i am going to upload some video and you are the right! i will upload video tutorial and some of anime video, etc …. my favorite launage is chinesse and japanesse, also Korean. i wonder that you will like my video? i will try my best !! i will create this one tutorial ipad, i am ready for show you. oh, sorry, i am talking about my life. click like this saying “add new keyboad’ you will search for chinesse handwriting. almost then finshed to added one this. i will show you later if when test is process, it was success. please open “note” you will tested this!! you will write if working. the video is successful!!! then done.. i am really tried because i am typing. i recently help you with closed caption if easy, you will rezalied me what i am saying! caption closed has been successful. there was some deaf people around in the world because deaf people watching your video and please make sure if there was add your caption closed remember this. follow me and it will added chinesse then it will process. thank you for understand me i hope you will viewed my videos.i am trying to practice my caption closed lol. it was amazing. you are so amazing too. i am glad to feeling like this lucky now!! im not trying to mean you! i don’t mean i am rude but, i am trying friendly, i decide to set video why that’s i am showing you. let me know what do you think and tell me?? i have an question for you hm. have you experice that you have been tutorial for everyone? it was my first tutorial video, my first tutorial video.. my first video tutorial is chinesse keyboard. please really like this and comment my video. i guess what you don’t relazied me what i am saying? (sigh) i am trying to explained you because of my English, you don’t care i guess. please don’t mean to me today because there was no luck. i am really sorry, let me know i have to promise you, i can understand what are you saying! (sigh) it was my fault okay, i am just prove it to you cheerful for you!! i hope you will like this video. i will show you now look this and follow me are you ready let me show you thank you for view my video and nice to meet you. i am finished to show you bye i promise i will upload video until next time enjoy ^_^

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