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How I Take Pretty Notes

How I Take Pretty Notes

Hi guys! Today I’ll be showing you guys how I take my notes in a way that looks pretty. And you might have seen my notes on my Tumblr and Instagram which will be linked in the description. First of all, you don’t really need any fancy pens. For all the things in this video, you’ll only need a highlighter and a black pen. I get a lot of people asking “Why bother doing this? It’s a waste of time.” I personally think, first of all, pretty things are just nice. Also, since your notes are more organized and you put so much effort in to them, You won’t just shove them away in your backpack and you’ll actually study from them. One way I like to do this is, is by drawing borders and dividers around the text. Sort of like putting a picture in a frame. So, I’ll be showing some examples …first up is a simple box, or you can put two layers of boxes. You could also do a box with another partial box underneath, shaded in to make it look like a drop shadow. You can make the box into a ribbon shape. Or make a box out of dotted lines. Or dashed lines. You could also draw in a way that makes it look like the box is a piece of paper that was taped onto your sheet. You could also draw a little thumb tack so it looks like it’s pinned on. You can do cloud shape or some spiky edges. You could do part of a box, or just the corners of a box You can make it a speech bubble… or a thought bubble… And here are some divider options: Just a tip for drawing straight lines, make it parallel to the edge of the paper or the text you’ve written before. You can also add little decorations to the end of a plain straight line. Such as circles, diamonds, stars, what ever you want! You can do a wavy line. And by adding leaves onto the wavy line, it looks kind of like a vine. You can also do some simple flourishes. Or you can write the title in cursive with lines, to make it a divider. You could draw something, for example a pen, or for biology, you could do some DNA. Again, you could use dotted lines or dashed lines. You could use a zigzagging line, waves, or scallops, maybe two lines, and you could also add decorations at the end of the two lines. You could also use different brackets such as a curly bracket or a square bracket – or a curved bracket that kind of looks like a parentheses. The main thing that makes my notes look really fancy, is the headers. I mostly use a brush pen for actual calligraphy for the main headers, but if you don’t have one, you could use a regular pen and do some faux calligraphy. I also use a highlighter to write the title in all caps and then trace it in a black pen. Those are the things I do for the main heading, and for subheadings, I’ll write in cursive, in tall letters, in tall italics, or write a word and highlight it. And I will also do cursive or tall letters using my highlighter. It also helps to put in some tables, diagrams, and other organizers. So for example, a table of two columns, and you can use and many columns and rows as you need, a mind map, a venn-diagram, a flow map, which is boxes with arrows leading to each step, a cycle, using arrows, you could draw the thing you’re learning about and label all the parts, and for example, in biology, use a ton of diagrams and organizers. I hope you enjoyed this video, and thank you so much for watching! I upload new videos every Monday and Friday. And you can check out my Tumblr and Instagram, which will be linked in the discription See you next time! 😜

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