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How I Make Hand Lettered Goods Using My iPad Pro and My Cricut Machine – Using the Procreate App

How I Make Hand Lettered Goods Using My iPad Pro and My Cricut Machine – Using the Procreate App

Hey everyone thanks for watching its Chelle with the lemonade store and we are going to go over how I use my iPad pro to work with my cricut explore air 2 and I have my son helping me today as the production assistant and he really is amazing it makes it so much easier to do things so what we’re going to make is these hearts and I have some here so like I have made about – i have made – I got 60 of these I need to make for a wedding my sister’s wedding and I use these black hearts that i got from michaels and then i used some aluminum foil vinyl from Michael’s as well on the Cricut okay so i’m going to show you how I use my iPad pro apple pencil uploaded it to the Cricut design space studio online and then I made all my cutouts on the cricut so I bet like there’s so many of you who haven’t done this or maybe considering doing it and you know it’s really it’s actually a lot of fun and I can see like a world of possibilities that we could do and with our own lettering so and you can do this of course with like a font or you don’t even have to use your ipad pro but it just makes it a little bit easier you can hand letter it vector it and then do the same thing or you know something like that so are cleaning up in photoshop and get a really clean image and put it into the Cricut design space to get your your lettering cut out so i’ll walk you through it thanks for watching ok so here we are on the ipad pro i’m just using and an apple pencil and the first thing you’re going to want to do is create a new document so i just go too much to ask where I don’t doesn’t matter for me okay so I want to help my lettering be a little bit straight so i’m going to go to textures tab and then grid and that’s just not big just want to give myself some sort of a grid ok so now that we have our grid we’re going to create a new layer go pick a pen and i’ll use this pointed pen make it smaller and I’m just gonna write my name so right your name ok and then you go and hide your grid and you turn off also your background color and you’re going to take so you just have your lettering you’re going to go up to the wrench hit share, share artwork and going to save it as a PNG and that will keep it just the black lettering and no background so we’re going to export that and i am just going to share that to my ipad via airdrop you can text it to yourself you can do any of those things and we’re done with our iPad pro super easy right ok so here we are in Cricut design space and the first thing we need to do is kind of set a new document so you’re just gonna go file new which I just did have a blank canvas [sneeze] that was my dog bless you and then i’m going to insert a shape my shape happens to be a heart and I know that it is like four inches four inches by 4 inches so let’s just move that right there and i’m going to change that color so I hit the little scissors and i’m just going to make it paints that stands out against my and other documents so now we’re going to go and upload the document that we just saved so we go to upload upload image gotta find it and is probably there and because we’re just doing black-and-white you click on simple image it continued could technically clean that one little piece right there let’s do that so they have this little option appear like you can crop your image select erase erase I’m just gonna get clean that up I should clean it up procreate but there ok then you just go to continue and they have the option on the Explore air 2 sure about the machines this is the first 1 i’ve had that you can actually print like your image and then you cut it but since we are going to do this on vinyl we’re going to actually save it as a cut image and that’s why we didn’t want to have a background in the document so it could save it takes forever for some reason I don’t know it must be my internet okay see like all these names I’ve been doing so click on your name insert the image and then we are just going to line it up in our little heart area just like that and then when you’re ready to print you actually can undo the heart so you’re only going to print you know all the names so i’m going to switch this to the file where I have like 30 names on the document just so i can show you how to print and not waste my vinyl and should be good to go so when you’re done here you will hit go and it tells you what you’re going to cut what size is your paper and how many project copies you want and you just hit go and then you move on to your Cricut explore ok so you see the blinking light flashing right there that’s your load button so its wanting us load our mat ok then once that starts blinking game that’s you hit that and it’s going to start cutting and that’s basically it so just wait for to cut and I’ll do one of these for you so you could see how I kind of try to work with the vinyl so I feel it off and then I put my plastic back on because the mat gets dust and fiber on it because it’s sticky and then I just take my scissors and i will cut just for this one every individual piece it’s just easier for me to work with a smaller piece then a big piece so let me grab a heart and some of my tools make sure you can see that ok so peel off the foil from the backing I don’t know why I can never- it’s like the hardest part for me okay careful the foil is like seems like its way thinner so you got to be careful with it so these little pieces like in the d and a and the e they need to come out so I use I use this tool from cricut it’s like their little pic and wheedle tool and have to carefully take all of those out think it’s called the weeding – i dont know, dont quote me on that that who knows it’s got a sharp point to it helps you pick out all the little tiny pieces alright so next step is you get some contact paper it’s like this stuff with the grid on it and I just cut a piece off that is about the size and I can actually re-use this piece a couple of times so actually looks okay especially it’s like this is the hardest part for me so oh i got a little piece right there, get that off so put your contact paper over the top the idea here is to take one of the little tools for smoothing and I just kind of i guess its called burnishing – i don’t know. dont quote me on these terms i am NOT a professional ok the goal is to try to get and I always kinda have to do this with the foil maybe i’m not using like strong enough contact paper but it works i just have to start that first letter put it on the contact paper ever so carefully and then that allows you to kind of line it up and line it up with your heart yeah it looks pretty good put it down using the tool get that sucker on there and then voila you got your right on there and i kind of like to just carefully go through this is a textured surface so you can kind of see some of the the bumps and stuff but that’s it all done piece of cake ok so for today subscriber shout-out let’s see who we are going to do and it is rere can you see that i’m sure i pro- I’m so sorry everybody I always pronounce your name is wrong but I got it let’s do it

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