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How I made an ANIMATED FONT plus a reflection on VEDS so far [CC]

How I made an ANIMATED FONT plus a reflection on VEDS so far [CC]

[Gentle music] [Zeb coughs] Hello and welcome back to FilmByZeb and I guess we’re now on episode eight of VEDS.
As you can probably hear in my voice I’ve got a bit of a cold today which is
kind of annoying but I’m gonna try to do my best to to keep going with this ‘video
everyday’ thing – hopefully I get better soon. In my little schedule I left today
empty to do a little retrospective on how we’re doing so far and reveal some
behind the scenes…I’ve only got five hours though before this video needs to be public so it’s gonna have to be a quick one today! So! Here we are. One week in and
seven videos down which means I’ve already posted more videos this month
than in the rest of the year which is a good achievement in itself! I’ve just
gotten back from going to Amsterdam with my friends and it was a really lovely
time. All the videos we’ve seen up to this point were pre uploaded so every
night I just got to tune into my own livestream which was pretty fun. [Several playbacks of VEDS 2 with Zeb chuckling] I have
two more videos that have been pre-loaded which should give me some
time to recover but once those are out it’ll be a real challenge to keep up
with the schedule I think. I’m really proud of the first seven videos so far
actually-I think I’ll do a full review of all my VEDS videos near the end of
the month since I think I’m a bit too ill right now to go into detail…but the
response to yesterday’s video was pretty amazing and the response to the
Brittany travel vlog was also really unexpected? To me it was just a simple
edit where I just set some clips to music but some people seem to think that it
was good…so I’m pretty happy about that! Something I do want to show off though
to finish off this video is something you might have noticed at the start of
the videos – the fun little bouncing font that also appears randomly in other
places. It’s a thing that I’ve seen youtubers do before where you animate
text so it looks like it’s sort of hand-drawn…but until now I thought that
the only way to do it was to manually actually draw it out twice in something
like Photoshop and then importing that into a video and alternating back and
forth between them which I thought was far too tedious given my my process and
how little time I have to really make videos. Recently though I realized I
could just animate the font itself Basically, if I made two fonts that were
slightly similar I could just alternate between the two and that way I could
just type out what I wanted to write instead of having to paint it out each
time and that’s what makes this nice animated look and
I can make it say anything now. So the way I did that was basically I downloaded a
template from calligraphr which is a site that lets you make fonts and stuff
and I drew out some uppercase and lowercase letters to have a a choice
between two different looks along with a few symbols. It works for other things as
well like the little lines around the title in this video are actually
individual apostrophes I could animate. So that’s that’s it that’s a little fun
trick I used. I called it FontByZeb because (quietly) I’m funny that way… So yeah that was a little behind-the-scenes of how I’ve been making these videos. I could do
more of these if people like – let me know in the comments below if you want to see
more behind the scenes. I might also do a Q&A at some point if people would be
interested in that. Maybe I’ll even do a live stream later once I’m feeling a bit
healthier. Anyway yeah thanks for watching I’m gonna quickly try to edit
this video to get it up in time and stay tuned for tomorrow’s video which is
another episode of the animated 3 Z podcast.

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