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How Can I Improve My Handwriting?

How Can I Improve My Handwriting?

How can I improve my handwriting? I’ve been
told my handwriting is as bad as a doctor’s, but I don’t make nearly as much money as they
do. First step, go to the bookstore. OK. What do I do there? Then go to the children’s section. Uh, I guess so. Pick up some first grade handwriting workbooks. That’s a little childish. Practice is what makes your handwriting perfect.
Kids’ workbooks are designed with that purpose in mind. I’ll feel weird doing that. Is it better or worse than having the computer’s
handwriting recognition fail as bad as speech recognition software trying to dictate your
words while you yell over background music? I’ve never done that. What results did you
get? It was about as bad as when I tried dictating
babbling drunk. That explains a few of the emails I’ve gotten
from you. What else can I do to improve my handwriting? Get a handwriting practice app for your iPad
and practice tracing out the letters. Go slow, and start speeding up the pace after you get
the letters perfect. Now I’m back to practicing like a seven year
old. But it looks like you’re furiously dictating
notes on your iPad, instead of doing your kids’ homework. I heard about doctors being sent to handwriting
classes. There were health insurers who mandated it,
because of people nearly dying because of errors figuring out what prescription to give
someone. The inability to read an i or e or c means someone gets an antipsychotic instead
of anti-seizure drugs. Should I take handwriting classes? You could, but that’s harder to find that
apps designed to help kids with handwriting. Or you could print practice worksheets off
and practice handwriting at home. I’ll kill too many trees doing that. So practice handwriting on the back of scrap
paper. You could even follow someone else’s writing sample. It certainly won’t be yours. I couldn’t even
recognize your Christmas card signature, until I remembered your address.

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