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Holographic Wills | Are handwritten wills valid?

Holographic Wills | Are handwritten wills valid?

a holographic will is also known as a
handwritten will it’s just another way of stating a handwritten will holographic wills
are valid but the person making the will has to make sure that they are signed
and witnessed correctly one way that a holographic bill may result in it being
contested if there isn’t any clarity in the will if it’s not clear and concise
if there hasn’t been executed correctly and if the person making the will either
makes amendments crosses it out that could cause some confusion
different ways as well would be if you haven’t set it out correctly hasn’t been
dated hasn’t been signed correctly and they won’t know when it was made and who
it was made by and things like that so it’s just best to make sure that when you
are and doing your will that you seek some advice from a solicitor first

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