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HOLIDAY MAIL ART – Scene building & calligraphy

HOLIDAY MAIL ART – Scene building & calligraphy

– Hi everyone. Kristina here. Welcome to another video at
my YouTube channel and blog. Today is the third and final installment of my holiday mail art
series for this week. I hope you guys enjoy this design. I’m gonna step up the design
a little bit on this one and create a scene using some stamps. I love to create scenes like this. I did this similar idea last week in a video for Simon Says Stamp. I’ll have that linked. Where is it? Up here. I’ll have it linked up here if you want to check out that envelope, but there are tons of holiday kind of scene builder
stamps that’s out there. There’s a ton on the market right now, so you can really build a scene with whatever stamps you have on hand. So let’s get into it. The scene building stamps
that I’m using today is called A Cookie Christmas
from Mama Elephant. Has this really cute
gingerbread house image and some critters. I’m gonna be using just two
images from this stamp set. Going to use the gingerbread
house and the reindeer, and I’m also using this night
envelope from Paper Source. It’s a nice, deep navy color. I’ve prepped the area where
I’ll be stamping the house with some anti-static powder tool and then stamping the gingerbread
house in Versa Mark ink. I’m going to be doing heat
embossing over the top with white heat embossing powder, so that’s why I prepped the area with an anti-static powder tool, which does give me a better
result with embossing, and then I stamped in Versa Mark ink because that allows the powder to stick to that stamped image. So I applied some Brutus Monroe
Alabaster embossing powder and then heat set that with a heat tool until all the powder
was smooth and melted. I then stamped the little reindeer image on the other end of the envelope and added that same embossing powder. So the anti-static powder
wipes off with my fingertips, so I just wiped off all
that extra powder tool, and then I’m gonna take some masking paper and create a cloud shape that’s gonna connect these two images. So, I placed it over
the top of the envelope just to kind of give myself
an idea of where it would be and then I use my
scissors and cut that out. So I’m actually going to
have two different edges that I do some ink blending off of. One will be this cloud edge, and the other will be a straight edge that creates the ground. So I’ve got the masking paper
and I’m gonna peel that off and place it onto my envelope, and I do need to protect
a little bit of the house over on that left side
so I’ll just take some of the little bits of masking paper, little pieces that were left over and I’ll place that over the top, so it just protects that area. I now have some white pigment
ink from Simon Says Stamp and I’m using a mini round
blending tool from Ranger to blend a little bit of this pigment ink coming off of that cloud edge. I just wanted to create a
nice eerie in the center where I will then put the
recipient’s mailing address, so I’m blending that up
from that cloud edge line, and once I have all of it
pretty much blended on there, I’m going to remove the masking tape. You can see that it created
a really nice sharp line and I’ll move it down so
that it’s a little bit lower and then I’ll be doing that
same I do with blending, but off of that straight
edge at the bottom, and I decided to do this after I’d already put my tonic mat away, so I just tried to be
as careful as I could, but I did get some of this
white ink onto my work surface, but it cleans up super, super easy. I just used a baby wipe
and wiped all of that away and it was no problem. I then peeled up that masking paper again and now I have a nice, clean area. Kind of a horizontal band
going across the house and also the reindeer. So in order to color this
since it is a dark surface, going to be using some colored pencils. This is kind of like
my only coloring medium that I can think of that
would go over a dark surface, with the exception of using some gouache, but I don’t really paint with gouache on like a regular paper like this. For that I would use
some water color paper. So when it’s a dark surface, this just like regular card
stock or regular paper, I usually turn to colored pencils and these colored pencils
from Faber Castell, this is the polychromos pencils. These are my favorite. They’re nice and creamy. They give a nice, bright color
whenever you color with them and I especially love
the white colored pencil because it really adds a lot of brightness whenever I use it. I’m really impressed with
these colored pencils. I’ve been using them for I
would say about a year now and they’re my absolute favorite. I thought I really loved the
Prismacolor colored pencils, but these Faber Castell
polychromos pencils quickly took the place in my heart when it comes to colored pencils. So I’m gonna do some calligraphy and I’m using some Doctor
PH Martin’s blue proof white and this white ink is super thick when you first go to use it, so I do recommend diluting it, and also make sure you
clean off the top of the jar before you screw the lid back on. That’s gonna help it get a tighter seal so that it doesn’t dry out even more. Taking some water in my eyedropper bottle and I’m just gonna add a bunch of water. You can almost not dilute this too much. It’s pretty think as is. So I just use a little strip
of paper and stir that up and then I’m going to
be using a pointed pen and this is from Ash Bush or Ashley Bush. I’ll have a link down
below to her shop on Etsy. Turn on some music so you
can enjoy the lettering and the calligraphy and I did not speed up this video at all. This is all in real time. (“Silent Night” by Ian Post) After the lettering was complete, I took the extra ink and put
it right back into the bottle. Since I only used water to dilute it, it should be just fine going
back straight into the jar and I’ll go ahead and clean
that up on the rim of the bottle and then tightly close it. I applied a Forever stamp
so that’ll cover postage and I also have a couple extra stamps just in case I need them. Put a little more white on this reindeer and then this completely
finishes the envelope for today and this is also the very
last holiday mail art for this really short series. I love how this envelope turned out and I hope you guys really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for watch today’s video. I really love how that scene turned out. I love the coloring. I love kind of customizing
into what I want it to be. Hope you guys enjoyed
that envelope as well. So before you go, I’ve got two more videos on screen for you to check out. These are some mail art
videos I’ve done in the past. You just click on over and watch those, and also before you go
please don’t forget to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Like this video, subscribe
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and I’ll see you guys on Monday for another video.

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