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Holiday Cards Tutorial 2017 – How To Make Watercolor Christmas Cards

Holiday Cards Tutorial 2017 – How To Make Watercolor Christmas Cards

hi guys I’m Shayda Campbell and in this
week’s tutorial I’m gonna be showing you how to create these simple yet beautiful
watercolor holiday cards or Christmas cards and make sure you watch to the end
of today’s tutorial because I have a little giveaway for you so to start what
I’m using are just these blank card and envelope sets that I get at the dollar
store and I’ve got a little 4×6 one here that I’m gonna use in a horizontal
format so that’s the card in envelope and then what I’ve done is just taken a
little piece of watercolor paper and I’ve cut it down so that it’s basically
the same size as the card you could also leave a little border and that looks
really nice and then I’ll do the painting on the watercolor and just fix
it on to the card later and then I also have the square card and envelope sets that I just found I really like them so today I’m going to show you one design
for a square holiday card and one for a rectangle and now I’ve done a sketch on
an extra envelope I always do cards on the channel so I have tons of extra
envelopes so that’s my little initial sketch for the rectangular card this is
a really simple yet effective way of sketching out a little design I’ve
started with a flower right in the corner there and then I’ve sort of just
got two big leaves coming off both sides with a bit of extra greenery and berries
to use as filler so it’s a great way to start especially if you’re not familiar
with sketching leaves and flowers this is quite effective it gives you this
gorgeous design and you don’t have to be a master artist or illustrator and of
course I’m just sketching that design onto the watercolor paper but you don’t
have to sketch it on there you could also transfer your design using a little
bit of graphite transfer paper so just do whatever works for you and then we’re
gonna start painting and I’m just using a set of craft quality watercolor disks
really simple straightforward and the first thing I’m doing is just mixing up
a nice muted cool green so I’m taking green and I’m mixing in a little bit of
purple and blue and brown so it’s not going to be this bright primary green
right out of the tube or right out of the disk as it
may be and I’m gonna start by just painting a large evergreen sprig that
sort of goes across the bottom of the card here and I’m just making sure to
use lots of water just so that the watercolor really looks like the medium
that it is that it has this watery beautiful finish to it once it dries and
I’ll use that same color of green to color in or paint a few other leaves and
then here you can see that I’ve added some water to that same green so I’ve
really lightened it up and I’ll use that similar yet different lighter green to
fill in this larger leaf and this is sort of a piece of dusty miller maybe is
what I’m thinking of so that really silvery greenery that you see used in
Bridal Bouquets a lot and it’s always nice to have an idea of what the
greenery is that you’re painting so this one here that I’m about to do I think
would be boxwood which is a greenery that you see at Christmas a lot and so
I’ve mixed in a little lighter green and yellow so that this green is a little
bit different I think it’s important when you’re doing a lot of greenery on a
card like this to mix some different shades of green and you can see here if
you look at my palette I’ve started with one and then I’ve sort of mixed and
changed the greens so that the green sort of flow they’re all similar yet
they’re different and it’s always nice to go back to your initial sketch and
just check it out as you’re painting make sure you’re not getting too far off
base here I’m mixing up a really cool greyish green and I’m just gonna use
that to finish off and fill in a few more of these leaves and you’ll also see
me add in just a few little sprigs of green little few little splashes if you
will to finish off the greenery and then what I’m doing is mixing up a nice cool
brown so putting lots of sort of purple and blue into my brown and then I’m
gonna fill in the pine cone here and what I’m doing here is I’m using
negative space to show detail so you’ll see where maybe a pencil line would be
in the sort of scallops of that pinecone I’m using negative space so I’m using
white space to show detail and I am also gonna add just a few little sprigs or
little twigs and then I’m mixing up a nice very light peachy pink and I’m
gonna fill in my flower here and you could use any color for this totally up
to you and I’m just gonna try to do a little less is more here on the flower
but I did go a little heavy on the paint I always need to pull back so I ended up
sort of with a big blob but through the magic of YouTube this is already dried
and now this is something I wanted to show you guys anyway it’s nice when
you’re starting out with watercolor if you just put a wash of color down then
let it dry and then come back in once it’s totally dry with a color that’s just
a hair darker than the one on the page and then you’re gonna add a bit of
detail and you can see me doing that there on the leaves and of course I
added petals to my flower and I’m going to add some veining on this leaf here at
the top of the page and that’s a really good way to make it look like you really
know what you’re doing okay let’s let that one dry for the second time and
we’re going to do our square card so on the square card the design is a round
wreath and square format is really nice for doing things that are round and I’m
gonna pretty much speed through this one because I don’t want to bore you guys
with the whole painting process but I’m using a formula for creating a
watercolor wreath that I’ve done in videos past and I will link the full
tutorial in the description below but what I’m doing is just basically
thinking of different types of greenery like maybe boxwood and evergreen and I’m
using different colors to show these different types of greenery and then I’m
just sort of weaving all these different sprigs of greenery together so you get
this sort of woven together wreath look that’s really fun to paint and it’s
really hard to mess up but I will link the full tutorial if you want more info
it’s actually been one of my popular tutorials so I’m really glad
that you guys like that one that’s what I’m doing here just weaving together
similar greenery and it gives me this look of a wreath and then at the end
I’ll add in some little berries you could do purple you could do any color
and of course a little bit of brown a few twigs and that’s that now here’s
what the other card looked like when it had finally dried this one I think was
very effective I was really happy with how it turned out I don’t really have
any complaints about that I’m happy with it and I’m excited to add
in my black pen on top my artists pen now this second one this is dry now I
don’t think it was quite as effective I made some mistakes you can see there on
the left hand side the Evergreen sort of bled into the leaves below it so that’s
not great and that same left hand evergreen spring also there was too much
water so it ended up getting muddled and you can just see that the water sort of
pooled and I think you can sort of tell that I wasn’t in control of that
watercolor as an artist now I’m not trying to beat myself up I just want to
show you guys where I could have done better otherwise I’m not being a good
teacher so another tip is to flip your wreath upside down and check if you kept
it symmetrical it’s sort of a bummer if you didn’t it’s always good though to
know so that you can try to fix it and even it out holding it up to a mirror is
also good for that now a lot of those mistakes that I just mentioned I’m going
to be able to sort of fix and change because I’m adding in this bit of
artists pen detail on top now this is a style that I really love but as I always
say you don’t have to do this watercolor certainly doesn’t need this illustrative
pen over top I just love the way that it looks and it does help to sort of cover
up some mistakes now on this one I’m just adding a nice black sketchy line
for the flower in the middle there I always do a bunch of little circles to
represent the stamen in the middle of that rose and then I just do some very
sketchy petals so I go really light with the artists pen and just try
to keep it really whimsical and easy and fun I hope you guys are enjoying the
first Christmas tutorial of the 2017 season if you are please while you’re
thinking of it hit the like button hit the subscribe button and leave me a
comment always comment comment comment let me know what you liked about the
video what you didn’t like what you’d like to see next week or what you’d like
to see this Christmas season cuz I’m still busy working on Christmas
tutorials ok now that that’s all done let me grab the other card and I’m
just gonna quickly show you how I’m gonna cover up some of the parts that I
don’t like quite as much using my black pigma micron or my artist pen so here
for that leaves that sort of bled into one another obviously I’m just going to
you know give it some detail make sure to separate them really profoundly just
so that the viewer the person looking at the card can really tell the difference
between what is the boxwood and what is the evergreen so just adding lots of
detail there with my artist pen okay and once those are done I am just going to
take a ruler and a pencil and I’m going to mark out where I’m going to put my
greeting or my holiday message and I think on this one I’m gonna write Merry
Christmas so just doing it in pencil making sure I’m really happy with the
look of it then I’ll go over it with my pen I’m
using the pigma micron 0.5 and then to give that faux calligraphy look
I always thicken the down stroke of each cursive letter and for that part I use
the pigma micron 0.3 so I just drop the nib size a little bit if you’re a
little unsteady or you’re a little worried about doing that fine detail
just go down to an even smaller nib size okay that one’s finished and same sort
of drill on this one except I want to sort of mark where the middle is and
once I have that marked I’ll put a few lines down and then on this one
I’m doing a printed just of sort of a funny print
and just writing happy holidays so really simple and mainly what I’m
worried about here is just keeping it centered so that it looks nice and
cohesive the last thing you want to do is work on a wreath like this and then put
the message sort of off-center so that’s all there is to it well I hope you guys
enjoyed the first holiday tutorial of the year I love making them it will be
lots of Christmas goodies from here on in so let me know what you’d like to see
and guys there is a little contest right now on my Instagram so if you head over
there I’m giving away two of these super cute pencil rolls if you like to take
your artist pens with you when you go to the coffee shop or wherever this is the
perfect thing all you have to do is make sure you’re following me on Instagram
and then tag a friend in the comments below the photograph one entry only
please and international entries are welcome contest closes Monday thanks for
watching and I’ll see you next week with a new tutorial

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