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Holiday Bullet Journal | Plan With Me! | CHRISTMAS SPREADS | Lucie Fink

Holiday Bullet Journal | Plan With Me! | CHRISTMAS SPREADS | Lucie Fink

hey everyone can you do this with your
fingers it’s pretty hard happy holidays from me to you first and foremost you
might notice that this is the first ever bullet journal video that I’m publishing
to my personal YouTube channel as opposed to refinery29’s
and I hope to do a lot more of this in the future right here so be sure to
subscribe to my channel now and the next thing I’ll say is that when I click on a
video about bullet journals I pretty much click away if I don’t see a bullet
journal immediately so I’m just gonna cut away from myself and show you the
journal. first things first I received an incredibly generous package from my
friends over at pilot pen. they sent me tons of pens and markers and bullet
journaling supplies galore. I’m still using the same bullet journal that I’ve
been using for all of 2018 it has the picture of me and my twin sister doing
yoga on the front. I started out by writing “Hello” with the FriXion colorsticks pen in black and I have to say I typically do everything in my bullet
journal in pencil first just in case I make a mistake, and this is a pen, but the
good thing about this color stick is that it is erasable so I wrote it and I
erased it and I rewrote it and I erased it again and I just basically kept doing
it until I got it right. using the FriXion colorsticks pen in red I added
some stripes to make it look like a candy cane. using a glass candlestick holder I
outline a circle and then I use the pop’ll gel pens from pilots new Ensō
collection to make a wreath. I took some skinny black washi tape that had gold
detail on it and I outlined the entire two pages. in the lower right-hand corner
I wrote out the December monthly calendar and, once again, I was using the
black colorstick which is erasable. typically I would do a calendar and
pencil first just in case I make any mistakes which I’m prone to doing but
it’s awesome to be able to do it in pen without needing to worry because you can
always erase it if you make a mistake. on the next page I first outlined the shape
of a Christmas tree using the FriXion erasable colors marker pen in green and
I drew on different lights which actually turned out to look a little bit
more like ornaments so we’ll call them lights and ornaments. then I filled in
the tree using different shades of the Creoroll gel pastels from Pilot’s new
Ensō collection. I added some extra detail to the tree with the green
watercolor brush pen just to make it look fuller and brushier…I wrote days
until Christmas at the top with the erasable colorstick and I erased and
fixed it a bunch of times along the way. I wrote in 31 days so this tracker will
start being counted on November 24th and by the time I get to 1 it will be
December 25th! on the next page I wanted to create a
list of stocking stuffers for my family members…and then I made a drop shadow on the text using the FriXion light pastel highlighters which are also erasable. I
drew four lines hanging down and then I outlined four stockings and then filled
them in using the G2 Minis which are just like the classic G2’s except
they’re mini! this particular design was inspired by AmandaRachLee’s holiday
bullet journal video. on the next page is a spread that was also inspired by
AmandaRachLee and it’s a holiday adventure calendar. so you know those
advent calendars that countdown until the holidays, and each day leading up to
Christmas you open one of the doors or peel back one of the stickers and
there’s a chocolate or something special behind it? so this is essentially the
same idea but what I did is I made 24 little boxes – one for each day of
December before Christmas – and in each box I added a different fun holiday
activity. then I covered each of the boxes with
iridescent smiley face stickers that are really easy to peel off and won’t rip
the paper. on the next page I made my December mood tracker so I essentially
use the erasable colorstick again to draw a giant string of lights. I wrote the word ‘mood tracker.’ I drew a
little holly leaf in the middle. so hopefully by the end of December this
string of lights looks mostly yellow but that’s the good thing about a mood
tracker is that even if you have a bad mood it actually ends up being okay
because it makes your tracker look prettier. on the next page I took the
pastel highlighters and made highlighting lines going across the top
of the page. …and because they’re erasable I was actually able to erase the word ‘gifting’ and make
it look like ghost letters. this spread was inspired by SundayMornings and I
love how clean and simple it is. and on the next page – another AmandaRachLee inspiration. I just wrote ‘doodles’ – I highlighted first with my erasable highlighter and wrote doodles in the middle, and then I just
went to town drawing some of my favorite holiday symbols. and that is a closer
look at my 2018 holiday bullet journal. I hope this video gave you some holiday
bullet journal inspiration and I also made a Pilot Pen discount code for all
of you so the link is in the description box below for 20% off. stay tuned on my
channel in 2019 because I’ve already started thinking through some bullet
journal ideas and I’m thinking of doing a very minimalist bullet journal next
year. comment below if you like that idea or if you have any other ideas. happy
holidays everybody, thank you so much for an incredible year. I’m so excited for
2019, there are so many great things on the slate that are coming up and I’m
really excited to share this journey with all of you! see you soon, bye!

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