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Hobonichi Accessories: What They Are and How to Use Them

Hobonichi Accessories: What They Are and How to Use Them

Hobonichi Techo Accessories: What They Are and How to Use Them The Hobonichi Techo is a popular planner from Japan with a cult following. The brand offers a line of fun and functional accessories that you can use to personalize your planner. In this video, we’ll show you what they are and how to use them. Let’s get started! Size Specific Accessories The Hobonichi Techo comes in three sizes the A6 English planner and Japanese Original A5 Japanese Cousin and the slim Japanese Weeks agenda book The following accessories are size specific so make sure the product you’re interested in fits in your planner Cover on Cover The Hobonichi Techo A6 Planner and A5 Cousin can be purchased with or without a cover You can use this Cover on Cover accessory over most of these covers for extra protection You can also use it to display postcards and photos It includes a handy back pocket for storing small slips of paper You can get it clear or with special designs Make sure you’re getting the right size for your Hobonichi Techo book The Weeks has a sturdy cover already built in allowing you to place the Clear Cover directly over it It has a pen loop, sideways bookmark, and two card pockets Page Keeper The page keeper is a card that comes with a diagonally fixed elastic band Like the Cover on Cover it needs to be used on a Hobonichi Techo book with a cover Use the band as a bookmark or as a way to keep the planer closed To use the page keeper on the Weeks you’ll need to have the Clear Cover Pencil Board The Hobonichi Techo book uses Tomoe River paper which is quite thin If you write with lots of pressure the pencil board prevents marks from appearing on opposite sheets Dot Sticky Notes The Dot Sticky Notes work best with a monthly and daily sections of the Planner, Original, and Cousin books Use them to mark important ideas and deadlines It’s easy to write on them. They work best with ballpoint pens permanent markers and pencils Photo Album The Photo Album slips snugly onto the planner and original covers It includes 10 clear pockets that can store up to 20 3×5-inch photographs Card Case The card case fits up to 32 cards in its eight double-pocketed clear sheets Use it to store small cards like business cards The first and last pages have extra large pockets perfect for items bigger than the standard business card General Hobonichi Accessories These accessories will work with your Hobonichi book regardless of what size you have Frame Stickers Use the Frame Stickers to mark important occasions These stickers are made with see-through tracing paper that can be written on with pen or pencil They come in small and large sizes The smaller stickers suit the monthly pages of the Weeks, A6 Planner and Original, and A5 Cousin sizes The large stickers pair best with the daily pages of the Cousin and Planner They also work well with the free memo pages of the Weeks Double Stick Tape The Double Stick Tape is perfect for pasting mementos inside your planner without the hassle of glue Stencils Add cute symbols like stars smiley faces and speech bubbles to your planet with the Hobonichi Stencils These stencils also function as rulers Mini Letters “Paris” This booklet has an adorable French flag cover Open it and you’ll see two sets of memo pads with doodles that bear traditional French symbols Use them for writing extra notes to stick inside your planner pockets Accessories bring out the best of what your Hobonichi Techo has to offer For more on the Hobonichi, be sure to check out our other video Hobonichi Techo books and accessories can be found at Thanks for watching!

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