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Hilmar Zschiedrich Speaking Lebanese Arabic While Making a Christmas Star

Hilmar Zschiedrich Speaking Lebanese Arabic While Making a Christmas Star

Ready?>>SAMAR: We’re ready.>>HILMAR: Ready. Now, first of all I want to use this special tube. This tube is transparent, but very nice for a star.>>SAMAR: What are you doing now?>>HILMAR: I want to make a star for a Christmas tree. The glass is melting. It’s very likely the temperature now is around 900 degrees. The glass here is very hot, but not here. I need to keep turning the glass, because if I don’t turn the glass the temperature of the piece would not be even. I only need this. You can ask me whatever you want to know.>>SAMAR: Could you explain to me what you’re doing now?>>HILMAR: What I’m doing now… I want to make the center of the star. I want to make a star, a big star. Now, I’m going to blow this thing to make a balloon. The balloon is the first thing in the star. If there is fire and glass, I need to keep turning the glass. Now you will see the glass turning slightly red. Then I can blow a little into the tube. It is very important that the whole balloon has the same temperature. It’s not a balloon yet, but it’s going to be one.>>SAMAR: Do you blow strong or little by little?>>HILMAR: A little. A little at first, then a little more The glass is slightly red now and this is very good.>>SAMAR: Doesn’t the glass cool down when you blow into it?>>HILMAR: When I blow into the glass, it doesn’t cool down, no. I need a little more flame now. The temperature here is very high. The temperature of the fire here is around 1400. It’s very hot.>>SAMAR: Doesn’t the glass in your hand heat up?>>HILMAR: Doesn’t what?>>SAMAR: Where you’re putting your hand, isn’t the glass hot? Where you’re holding (the glass), isn’t it hot?>>HILMAR: Here, it’s not hot, but it’s very hot here. After this, I’m going to blow the balloon. The glass now is around 750… 800 (degrees). All right! Yes! Now we have a balloon. This is the most important part in the star.>>SAMAR: So this is the center of the star?>>HILMAR: This is the center of the star, yes. Now I need a hole. What is “hole” (in Arabic)? Like a hole?>>SAMAR: A hole?>>HILMAR: I should make a hole because when the glass…>>SAMAR: Oh, you want to pierce the glass>>HILMAR: I need… Look…>>SAMAR: Oh, you make an opening in the glass>>HILMAR: Yes, I make an opening in the glass because when the glass cools down, it needs an opening If there isn’t an opening, there is a problem with the balloon because it’s going to become smaller>>SAMAR: It needs to shrink?>>HILMAR: Yes, the balloon will need to shrink a bit The air shrinks and this is why it needs an opening Now I’m connecting this thing, this thing I prepared earlier I don’t need this because there’s this I can throw it?>>SAMAR: Throw it>>HILMAR: I can throw it Now, I’m going to connect a lot of them to the balloon like 16 of them>>SAMAR: 16 of those?>>HILMAR: 16 of these, yes. I need the middle, but not where the opening is Is this the middle… Is this the middle? Yes, here. Is this the middle… Is this the middle? Yes.>>SAMAR: How long have you been blowing glass?>>HILMAR: How long have you…>>SAMAR: been blowing glass… working with glass?>>HILMAR: Oh, a long time. I’ve been blowing glass for around 12 years now. I studied in Austria and also the United States in New York and Oregon>>SAMAR: So you learnt it in a school?>>HILMAR: Yes, in a school as well. There’s a school in Tyrol, and this school is very good. It’s in the mountains. There are no cities. It’s a very small village Village? Village>>SAMAR: Do you work on glassblowing in Austria?>>HILMAR: Yes, I have a workshop in Vienna with my colleagues… colleague He’s an old man, but very skillful>>SAMAR: Do you teach glassblowing?>>SAMAR: From time to time. For example, there are two American women coming today to blow glass at five o’clock And last Saturday, I worked in the bazaar in Manara I had a very good time and the children there were also very happy with me Yesterday I went to the ABC mall to try and sell stars to shops, but I wasn’t very pleased there Probably this would be the last time I go to a shopping mall. I don’t like shopping malls I then went to another shop in the area here and there was a woman who bought, I think, 11 or 12 of them>>SAMAR: 12 stars?>>HILMAR: 12 stars. Yes, 12 stars.>>SAMAR: 12 stars. It’s starting to take shape. It’s very beautiful.>>HILMAR: She also asked me whether I would like to work in her shop today, but there wasn’t time today. There is a workshop today in her shop as well, but I don’t know what they are working on.>>SAMAR: If you want to make a colored star, what do you use?>>HILMAR: Colored… I’m going to add color to this star, but later. Usually when I make something colored, I use this. This is also glass, but different glass. Something different.>>SAMAR: Colored glass.>>HILMAR: Colored glass, yes. I should always cool down the glass with fire. It might seem a little bit weird to cool down glass with fire, but it is very important that the glass has an even temperature. If I don’t do this, the glass will crack. Ouch… It’s a little bit hot. Not a lot, just a little.>>SAMAR: It’s very beautiful.>>HILMAR: Thank you. I’m going to use gold now to color the balloon. The glass is transparent now, but later it won’t be. This is not very good for your health, or health, but it’s not a big problem.>>SAMAR: You can open the window if you want.>>HILMAR: See the color… This is now green. The color always turns out different. Here it’s very gold but not red. I’m going to use a little bit more because I want more red. It’s better now. That’s it! But not a lot … it’s not a big problem If you work with this every day, it’s a problem. But I do this maybe ten days a year, so it’s not a problem. All right… Look, the glass is now golden. The glass should melt slightly because I want there to be a connection between the glass and the color. If I don’t do this, the glass would… Finally, I need to make a ring. If you want to use this, you need a ring.>>SAMAR: For us to hang it?>>HILMAR: For us to hang it, yes. All right, good! This is a bit difficult because I have to be careful that the glass doesn’t crack. I think it’s now ready. It’s done, not ready, done.>>SAMAR: It’s done, the star is finished.>>HILMAR: It’s better for me to cool down the glass a bit so that it doesn’t crack.>>SAMAR: Could you sign on the star?>>HILMAR: Yes, I can.>>SAMAR: Could you sign it?>>HILMAR: I can use something like this.>>SAMAR: Sign it for me.>>HILMAR: I can…>>SAMAR: Write your name. Sign it for me. I want to take this star.>>HILMAR: You want to take this star?>>SAMAR: Yes, I want you to sign it for me, write your name on it.>>HILMAR: If I write anything on the star, it might cause a problem because I don’t have an oven here. And if I use one more thing… It’s more dangerous… the glass might crack.>>SAMAR: There’s a risk that the glass might crack.>>HILMAR: There’s a risk that the glass might crack. Yes, there is a risk Ok! Done.>>SAMAR: Good job!>>HILMAR: Thank you!

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