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Higgins Ink

Higgins Ink

(♪♪♪) JIM:
Hi, I’m Jim, and I’m here
to tell you about some great inks
called Higgins. They’re available
in pigmented, dye-based,
and carbon writing inks. If you’d worked
with ink before, you probably already
know about Higgins, because it’s the most popular
ink on the market today. I’m going to run through
the different types that are available. The first type is our professional grade
Pigmented Ink. They are just like
the name says. They are pigment based,
water-proof, and fade-proof. Pigmented Inks are
available in nine rich, translucent colours that dry slowly to
a semi-gloss sheen and work great
on paper, board, and film. They can be mixed
or diluted with water to produce an infinite range
of shades and hues. Pigmented Inks can
be used with brushes, dip pens, or airbrushes. Within this line
we have the popular Black Magic
and Super White Inks. These are intense opaque inks
that dry quickly to a matte finish. The next type are
the dye-based inks. They create vivid,
transparent washes much like liquid watercolour. This student grade ink
can be used in an airbrush, dip pen, and brush work. They are available in
16 colours that dry slowly
to a semi-gloss sheen. They are also water resistant, which means they
will hold their line when the water is applied, but some of the colour will
bleed into the wet part for a very cool effect. The third type is a popular
black ink called Eternal Ink. This is a professional grade
permanent ink used for office
and reproduction work. It has long been favoured for
calligraphy and penmanship. It may be used
on paper, board, and film, and can be
applied by brush, fountain pen, or dip pen. It is non-waterproof and dries
quickly to a matte finish. All of our inks come in
the classic Higgins bottle. The last thing anyone wants
when working with ink is to spill it everywhere. The signature
Higgins bottle, with a dropper, makes the ink easy to dispense
without the risk of spilling, so you can enjoy
your Higgins ink in all your projects. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

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