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hhh a krita tutorial thingy

hhh a krita tutorial thingy

Mkay, I don’t know I’m just *unintelligible* my voice *cough* I don’t know how low this is I’m so sorry if you can’t hear me, but- so- this is *sigh* really- how you s..*unintelligible* Actually, let me..let me..let me *drops pen* Ah! I dropped my pen *awkward laugh* (nnuuhh)..try to open so, is this- no okay.. it doesn’t (nnyehh) i’m gonna ehh *unintelligible* mm *humming* okay, so let me open not that let me… get the Krita file open for that *more humming* where’d it go? it’s in the i’s… this one see, I’ve opened the uhm so like a clipping group, this is a mask layer let me… I don’t know.. I think you can see that It’s like- it’s a mask layer It’s this (Do I have my cursor on this? Hold on-) I’m sorry, this is a mess ((i’m a mess)) Ok *background noise* So this is… the mask layer (yeah) and then so.. like- this… I made it white..alright let me- *humming the words: “Longest kept secret”* So if I wanted to do- if I wanted to change the (uh) umbrella color I have to do ctrl-shift-G which is a mask layer and then which (uhh) It’s a clipping group. Let me just.. see I could change that to red and it’d just be that (let me..see..) It’s… I’m terrible at giving (like) instructions and what-not, so, I don’t know *drops pen again* Let me try to get my- (the) entirety of Krita back on the screen *awkward laugh* (alright- t- oh my god- hhhhh-) (oh no) *hum-singing lyrics to a good omens fansong* mkay so so- with- a mask layer it just does.. *unintelligible noise* that’s how I did like most of my uh things (like) I think another one I did this with was… I don’t know…I’m sure you know what a clipping layer is (yes?), but like with Krita it’s just a group Yeah…this song is very, i don’t know it’s distracting *awkward laugh again* sorry, I’m listening to music.. it’s a- it’s a good omens playlist *unintelligible noise* i don’t know.. (nnyeah) so, mm..there’s- ctrl-shift-G. (i can’t hear myself over that) but yeah- ctrl-shift-G is the um default keybind for a clipping layer, er, group that’s how you do clipping layers in’s very frustrating because eh.. um (oh- yeah) so actually So if I open this up again.. and did that again.. (oh wait a minute, what?) (forgot about that) so if I did..that again with..the uhm. umbrella layer *unintelligible* ctrl-shift-G..and made it red.. i could also do another layer and then do this and It’ll still be on the main layer. So you don’t have to.. where you *unintelligible* don’t have to… (yeah) Because, if you (hold on-) just did.. ..this and then you made a new layer it would go there instead of.. so if you don’t click on the 𝒶 if it’s in the clipping group, then you will.. make it ((what was i saying?)) Like you know, it won’t it won’t Go to the base layer So if you click off of the 𝒶..yeah see, (so, yeah i don’t know) *awkward laugh* (see if i..) I think I have a transparent one I might be able to do this with.. I don’t know (y’know what..let’s do that with this one…) did that…I can make him red.. *awkward laugh* Yeah… that’s how I basically did… (like that… hh) That’s how you do that..and this- I’m making this longer than it should be- it’s five minutes- I don’t know

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