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Hebrew for beginners – ALL Hebrew Alphabet FINAL Letters handwriting

Hebrew for beginners – ALL Hebrew Alphabet FINAL Letters handwriting

Welcome to the learn Hebrew channel. In previous lessons, I showed you how to write
the Hebrew alphabet letters, both the print and handwriting versions. Links to those lessons are in the description
below. The final form of the letters in hand-writing
is not shown in those lessons. This is what we are going to cover in this
Hebrew lesson so stay tuned. In Hebrew, there are 5 letters that have a
final form. The final form will always appear at the end
of a word. Never in the middle, never at the beginning
of a word. BTW, I will use the word “sofit” from
now on instead of “final form”. In Hebrew, “Sofit” means “final” in
the feminine singular form which is the gender of a letter in Hebrew. I will also use the words cursive and handwriting
interchangeably, though technically they don’t have exactly the same meaning. But for the purposes of this lesson, it’s
the same. I recommend you check the description of this
lesson for more links and additional related information. Let me start by writing down the Hebrew letters,
in print and cursive forms. Now let’s write the Sofit handwriting form. We will start with Kaf sofit. The difference that immediately jumps out
is the curve closer to the top. The print final form right side is going straight
down, the handwriting version is slightly curved. Let’s move on to Mem sofit. The handwriting Mem sofit is rounder. It has this small tail. Unlike the squarish print form of Mem Sofit. When you write the letter, you can start either
from the tail and create the ellipse, or start from the connection point. It doesn’t matter. Write it any way you like. As long as it is comfortable for you. The Nun Sofit is just a long straight line. It looks a lot like cursive Vav, but a bit
longer. The difference between the two Nun sofit forms
is the small extra bit on the top of the print form. Now we are down to the last two letters in
the list. Pe sofit is looking like this. Notice that the small tail is facing downwards. That is important to remember. Soon you will know why. Cursive Pe sofit is relatively different in
comparison to the print Pe sofit. To a certain point, you can say that handwriting
Lamed is very similar to handwriting Pe sofit. Now the final letter, Tsadi. Cursive Tsadi is very similar to cursive Pe. Remember the small tail from Pe sofit? In this letter, the small tail curves to the
top, unlike the Pe, in which the tail curves to the bottom. To conclude, the letters are: Kaf sofit. Mem sofit Nun sofit. Pe sofit and Tsadi sofit So there you have it. All the final letter, in cursive. I recommend you practice writing these letters
until you feel comfortable with doing that. If you have any questions, let me know in
the comments. Hope you enjoyed this lesson and as always,
thank you and Toda for watching.

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