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Hangul Vowels 2/2 – EASY KOREAN (EKH02)

Hangul Vowels 2/2 – EASY KOREAN (EKH02)

Hey, guys. Let’s continue on vowel shapes. But before that, let’s do a quick review of the first video. Ee. Ah. Yah. Uh. Yuh. Eu. Oh. Yoh. Woo. You. Now let’s do seven more. Eh, Eh. Ae, Ae. Think of Eh as E in ‘then,’ whereas Ae is A in ‘than.’ Wah, wah. Now this one is made up of two parts. One on the right and one on the bottom. Wuh, wuh. Weh, weh. Wee, wee. Eui, Eui. For some people, this pronunciation may be difficult at first. Eui is a combination of Eu and Ee. So if you say Eu and Ee really fast, you get Eui, Eui. Now time for some practice. Which one says ‘BEN?’ What about ‘BAN?’ The top one is B-A-N, BAN. The bottom one says B-E-N, BEN. Which one is Weh, Weh? The third one from the left. Which one is Wuh, Wuh? The second one. What about Wee, Wee? The last one. And Wah, Wah? The first one. There are a few more vowel shapes, but these cover about 90% of all vowel parts used in Hangul. The others are Yaeh, Yeah, Wae, Weah. Don’t worry about them too much right now. You can study them later. Now I’m going to introduce this consonant shape, Ee-eung. This is not O. Its name is Ee-eung and basically it works as a space filler, meaning it doesn’t really have a sound of its own. So the left side is basically the same as the right side. The only difference is that the left side is incomplete, whereas the right side is a complete letter. The first row and the second row sound exactly the same. We will talk about consonant parts in the next video, so don’t miss it.

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  • 이제리 says:

    Wow!!! Thank you easy korean for wonderful video of learning hangeul,it can easly understand..

  • EASY KOREAN says:

    Hi, there! Thank you for watching.

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  • LEEENDUS says:

    외국인에게 받침을 알려주려고 하는데 받침글자를 뭐라 표현해야 하나요
    은과 는 을과 를을 어떻게 쓰는지 물었는데 받침 글자를 영어로 표현할 수 없어 고생했습니다

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