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Hangul Consonants 1/2 – EASY KOREAN (EKH03)

Hello, guys. In the next two videos, we will cover all the consonant shapes. Here are ten consonant shapes we will discuss in this video. The first one is Ghee-yuhg, Ghee-yuhg. Unlike the vowels, the consonant parts have unclear names. So I’m just going to call them by what they sound like. As long as you know the sounds you don’t really need to know what their names are. So I’m going to call this shape just ‘geu,’ ‘geu,’ because that’s what it sounds like. So this is like the letter G. You add Ah next to it and then you get a letter in Hangul that sounds like gah, gah. The next one looks like this. Now this is just Ghee-yuhg + Ghee-yuhg. You know, ‘geu’ + ‘geu.’ That’s why it’s called Ssahng-ghee-yuhg, meaning double Ghee-yuhg. There are five double consonant shapes in Hangul. They sound much stronger than the single ones. So this sounds like ‘ggeu,’ ‘ggeu.’ ‘Geu,’ ‘ggeu.’ This is ‘deu,’ ‘deu.’ It is kind of like the letter D. So this sounds like ‘dah,’ ‘dah.’ Now this is the double form of ‘deu.’ It is ‘ddeu,’ ‘ddeu.’ Dah, ddah. This is ‘beu,’ ‘beu,’ like the letter B. Bah, bah. The double ‘beu’ is ‘bbeu,’ ‘bbeu.’ Bah, bbah. This one is like the letter S. ‘Seu,’ ‘seu.’ Sah, sah. Double ‘seu’ is ‘sseu,’ ‘sseu.’ Sah, ssah. This is ‘jeu,’ ‘jeu,’ like the letter J. Jah, jah. The double form is ‘jjeu,’ ‘jjeu.’ Jah, jjah. Now let’s review. We discussed five single characters. ‘Geu,’ ‘deu,’ ‘beu,’ ‘seu,’ ‘jeu.’ And then we discussed the five double characters in Hangul. ‘Ggeu,’ ‘ddeu,’ ‘bbeu,’ ‘sseu,’ ‘jjeu.’ You add a vowel, say Oh, then you get goh, doh, boh, soh, joh and ggoh, ddoh, bboh, ssoh, jjoh. In the next video, we will cover the rest of Hangul consonants. Go to easy-korean.com for more stuff. See you later.

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