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Handwriting vs Typing Notes which is better for Memory

Handwriting vs  Typing Notes which is better for Memory

Hi, guys welcome to another Top10Mind Video. Today I am talk about Handwriting vs. Typing
Notes which is better for Memory. In an age where technical devices are becoming
increasingly convenient, there could be drawbacks to the relentless advances in technology. If you rely on your laptop for note taking,
you may be at risk of a slow memory loss condition. According to psychological science, a study
was done on the power of the pen versus the keyboard. The results concluded that the traditional
form of pen and paper is superior. When writing notes longhand, your brain connects
to that which you took the effort to jot down. Research suggests the old methods work better. Scientists from Princeton University and University
of California are also shaking their heads to new technology conveniences in note taking. Both incredible sources agree that typing
notes on a laptop or any other device is highly ineffective. Academic students who utilize their laptops
to take notes in class are actually transcribing the information. These individuals may type out long paragraphs
of detailed information without actually mentally connecting to the words. In actuality, electronic note-taking encourages
robotic activity that simply enters in information rather than conceptualizes it. In fact, conceptual information is built into
the memory when ditching the laptop to write something down. Pen-and-paper note-taking seems to create
a more intimate link. Researchers also found that the students who
ditched the technology to write their notes retained conceptual information even better
after a week. It has been found that those who write their
notes with pen and paper understand the material in a deeper, more intimate way. In fact, these students are believed to score
higher on exams than those who rely on technology. So what can we collect from this experiment? Here are the benefits of writing versus typing:
BENEFITS OF WRITING VS. TYPING Deeper Understanding When you use the
old traditional pen-and-paper method, you develop a stronger conceptual relationship
with what you are writing. Writers also have the ability to apply the
material. Those who utilize computer notes develop a
disassociation with their work as they rely less on a connection and more on recording
the material. More Brain Power. It does not take much to open a laptop, press
the power button, and begin typing what is heard. However, it does take more effort to write
out important facts with the traditional note-taking method. In fact, writing requires parts of the brain
that deal with cognitive processing that typing does not. Additionally, typing has a limit. While listening to a speaker, you can only
type but so fast. Your brain, however, works overtime as it
assists you in using your fingers to write vital information. It is possible to type as quickly as the speaker
speaks, but the downfall of this method is that you hardly make a connection with what
is being said. Long-term Memory. Modern technology may be convenient, but it
sure does not beat the ‘old school’ method. Handwriting has been proven to boost long-term
memory. In the prior-mentioned study conducted by
both universities, Princeton and the University of California found that a week later, the
same students the schools tested understood the material even better than when first tested. The reason for this is that writing memory
cues that come as a result of using your own words instead of transcribing. Fewer Distractions. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist
to know that using a laptop computer is ten times more distracting than writing on paper. The temptation to check your social media,
surf the web, or check your emails can be extremely strong especially after a long period. Writing requires more thought. If you are enjoy these video please give up
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