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Handwriting: the correct pencil grip

Handwriting: the correct pencil grip

How comfortable does your hand feel after
you’ve been writing for a while at school? Quite comfortable. Good, that’s really important. Ok, there’s
just a couple of things that I think you might find useful because as you get older you’ll
have to write for much, much longer. Okay, so if you can angle your paper uphill
so it’s easier to see what your pencil tip is doing and put it more to the right side
of your body. And the other thing is, could you try and pinch the pencil with your thumb
and first finger and put the middle finger behind, and then just copy the sentence for
me again. Off you go… You’re a quick learner! Lovely stable wrist, good pinching, try not
to over-grip the pencil but you’re doing really well. And I like the way you’re staying on
the line better now. Keep those letters on that line… Well done! Try not to over-grip
with your thumb. See if you can keep your thumb pinching. Can you bring your thumb back
like this? Remember that pinching? Like this? Can you pinch… that’s it! I’m going to try you with something that will
make it easier to keep your thumb in the pinching grasp. Try not to get your head quite so close
to your paper! Lovely! Ok, so what we’ve got here is a really good
example of a grip that is not a dynamic tripod pencil grasp, because we’ve got quite a lot
of hyper-extension in the thumb and then we’ve got some over-gripping with the index finger
halfway up the shaft of the pencil and he’s also got his middle and his fourth finger
on the shaft of the pencil and the little finger is braced against the tip of the pencil. So now what I want you to do is: can you try
and pinch the pencil with your thumb and your index finger. That’s it! And put your middle
finger behind but stay on the green paint, go a little bit higher… Little bit higher
there… Now put your middle finger behind like a shelf and just write the word ‘cat’.

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