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Handwriting Tech Tip

Handwriting Tech Tip

WADE: Hi, I’m Wade Wingler with the INDATA
Project at Easter Seals Crossroads in Indiana. Today we’re going to talk about handwriting. You know, whether we’re sitting in class, taking notes, or writing a letter to a loved
one, we all want to be able to take notes and write things with pen and paper. So while I might grab a notepad here, and just start jotting down my grocery list, or things to do on the way home, folks who have mobility impairments or other kinds of disabilities with their
hands may have difficulty with that. But you know, there are a ton of things out
there on the market that can help with those kind of issues; handwriting or mobility issues. So some of the things that are out there are very simple kinds of things. For example, you might take a piece of insulation
for pipe, slit it down the side, put your ink pen in
there, and have a bigger, easier to hang onto ink
pen. That’s just one of the simple Do It Yourself
ways to make handwriting easier. There are also all kinds of things that are
on the market. Now when I was a kid in school, we had these little ink pen builder-upper
things here. This is called a “grab on”. The nice thing about this is you can slide
it over an ink pen and have something that’s not quite as big as a piece of insulation to do that. They make them in different sizes and shapes; these are triangles, and different colors and those kind of things, but they all do
the same thing. They slide over a pen and they make it bigger and easier to hang on to so that when you
start to write it’s easier to do that. Now there’s other more product designs specifically for folks with disabilities. This is an example of one that you can take an ink pen, put it on a table or a piece of paper, and just lay your hand over this wire arch. Then it’s easier for somebody who might not have the ability to grab an ink pen or hold
on to it, to still move the ink pen around and write
notes. Letters, notes, those kinds of things. Another device is an ink pen that has a stand
built-in. This little guy is a standard, ball-point
ink pen. You set it down and just move this stand and it moves the ink pen along with it. So that’s another device that can be held
on to like that, or you could slide it between your fingers, there’s a lot of creative ways that you can use to write with that sort of a thing. There are other products that are designed to slide on to the hand. This is one that slides over and is a form-fitting kind of device, it kind of grabs a hold of your hand and then it holds on to an ink pen so that you can write with this. A lot of folks who have certain kinds of spinal chord injuries do well because they have the ability to move their hands and arms, but not to grip. Here’s another example of a device that does
that. This one’s designed to slip on to just your
finger, and then your ink pen slides into this little
place right here. This is a device that does the same kind of
thing, but it actually has a full arm grip on it so that you can actually strap this to your
arm and folks that have the ability to move their
hand can slide an ink pen in here and be able to write and move things around without having to have the ability to grab a hold of an ink pen to take their
notes. So, whether you’re writing a love note to
a friend, or your grocery list, or taking notes in class, there are a lot of different ways to make
handwriting easier. So that’s your tech tip for this week. I’m Wade Wingler with the INDATA Project in

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