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Handwriting recognition on Microsoft Surface

Handwriting recognition on Microsoft Surface

This is a demonstration of the handwriting features on a Microsoft Surface Pro. I am going to use OneNote 2013 which is part of the Microsoft Office 2013 suite. So there is OneNote App that comes withe the Surface tablet, but it lacks some of the handwriting recognition features of which OneNote 2013 has. Selecting OneNote 2013, I have a blank page here. To make it easier to handwrite on the page I am going to select view and rule lines So, I have horizontal ruled lines on the page I am going to maximize this screen, so I can use the full area to write on. This is a test of my hand-writing on a Surface Pro Tablet using OneNote 2013 To select the text I use this button here and draw a line around the text I can use a text to speech application which I am using Read and Write Gold If I press Play there it will read the text It made a few mistakes there The mistakes it made were here, its doesn’t like my “a” I can try that again OK I will just take that off full screen for a second If I want to convert that into text again I select the text again. Go to Draw and then select “Ink to Text” and it converts it to Text.

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