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Handwriting recognition in GoodNotes

Handwriting recognition in GoodNotes

Hello everybody! So, you might know GoodNotes from my other videos,
it’s a very cool note-taking app that I use a lot. For a long time, people have been asking
for handwriting recognition and I’m very happy to tell you that
it’s finally available in GoodNotes 4.3. There are several things you can do. First, you can search your handwritten notes. Let’s try this on a small text I’ve written. You just have to go here on the
top right-hand corner, and start typing. When you hit “Search”, you get a list of
all the places where the app found something, and as it would be the case
in a PDF with typed text in it, the results also get highlighted on the page. As you can see here, the word “crazy”
appears three times on the page. Of course, the app searches across all the pages. Let’s try a different word. Now, if I tap on the result in the list,
the app brings me right to the corresponding page. But you can do more than just search for strings,
you can also convert text. Using the lasso tool,
you just have to select a chunk of text, tap on the selection and then on “Convert”. I won’t cut the video here so
you can see how long it takes. After a few seconds,
you get the result of the conversion. Then, you have several ways
to use or share this text. At the moment, if you want to
put the text back on the page, you have to copy and paste it manually, but the developer told us that
this will be improved in the future. The nice thing about this feature
is that it also works with old documents. Let me open something that was written
well before the update. When you go in the “Search” menu, you can
see here at the bottom “Recognition Disabled”. If I tap on this, I can see the long list of
all the languages available. I’m going to select French for this document. And after a few seconds, the app will have indexed
the document and I can start using the search tool. As you can see, it also works perfectly well
for long and complex documents. So, that’s it for this brief preview of the new
handwriting recognition feature in GoodNotes. In the video description, you’ll find a link to a PDF
containing examples of converted texts. If you already have the app,
there is no in-app purchases and you can access all these features
and all these languages for free. GoodNotes itself costs a few dollars,
but I really thing this app is worth every penny. If you want to learn more about it, I would encourage
you to watch my full review of GoodNotes 4 by clicking on the thumbnail on the screen. Also, don’t forget to check out my other videos,
and to subscribe to my channel. Thank you for watching! And see you next time, bye bye!

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