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Handwriting on the iPad

Handwriting on the iPad

Hello everybody! It’s me again. It’s been
2 weeks since my last video, and I had some requests to do more. I’ve reached 4000 views
on my Jot Script review, which is really surprising, so to thank you, I’m going to do one video
today. This time I want to focus on handwriting. To do so, I’m going to start with four different
apps. The first one is Memo, it’s a bit different from
the others, because it has handwriting recognition. This means that the app doesn’t spend much
energy trying to make your handwriting look good, because you’ll probably use the text
version of what you write. This app doesn’t connect to the Script, so what you see now
is the iPad with Bluetooth off. You don’t have palm rejection, but instead, you can
see you have this grey area you can use to rest your palm. It goes down as I write, it’s
really nicely done. So when I’m done writing, this is the intersecting part: this app is
going to turn what I wrote into text. You can do that either for free is you have an
internet connexion, or you can purchase the offline service. I really don’t have a nice
handwriting, but you can see that the result is almost perfect, Memo just missed one word,
and it was arguably not really well written. Next, let’s move on to Notes Plus. I don’t
use this app on a daily basis, but it has nice features, maybe too many feature. The
one I like as far as handwriting goes is the pen I’m using right now, which looks really
nice, I think. At least, it’s good for text; but not for math, and that’s why I don’t use
it to study. So we’re in the same configuration as previously which is the Jot Scrip is on, but not
connected to the app, so Bluetooth is still off on the iPad. This time, I write using the
zoom window most apps have, so I can rest my hand on the area under this window. As
I write, you see the window is moving around the page to let me write with no interruptions.
As you can see it looks pretty good. By the way, you can check some samples I made using these
different apps, you can check the link on the video description. One last thing about
Notes Plus: the handwriting recognition I showed you on Memo is available inside Notes
Plus as an in-app purchase. So if you’re convinced by the handwriting recognition of Memo but
you want to use it in a real note taking app, you can do that in Notes Plus. So I think
that’s another really nice feature of this app. As many of you know, the Jot Script is originally
meant to be used with Penultimate. So this time, I’m going to connect the stylus to the
app, after turning on Bluetooth on my iPad. It’s really easy, you just have to turn the
Script on, basically. Then, you have built in palm rejection, for example. So you can
choose to write directly on the page, the whole page, or, you can use Penultimate very
peculiar zoom mode, they call it drift mode I think. I don’t really enjoy this mode but
I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to it. But, since I can’t control the speed
of the window, I can have some problems. For example in french, we have a lot of accents,
some time I’d like to put them after I wrote the whole word, but since the words are moving
by themselves, sometimes it’s just too late and the whole word is gone. So I’m not really
convinced by this mode but maybe some people can find it interesting. At least it’s different
from what other apps use. Now I’d like to talk about the offset between the tip of the
stylus and what I write on the screen. Keep in mind that, because the camera is very low,
you wil have a bad idea of the vertical offset, which means that you’ll see a vertical offset
on the video even if it is not there. To give you a sense of both horizontal and vertical
offset, I’m going to put the camera in two different places. First, on the side of the
iPad, so horizontal and vertical are switched on the video. As you can see, it look ok,
there is no big horizontal offset on the video, which correspond to the vertical offset on
the page. If I try to write a horizontal line, it is really straight, even if the Script
makes an angle with the screen, it is still acceptable, there’s not big offset here. Next,
I put the camera on top of the iPad, so horizontal and vertical are the same on the video and
on the iPad. If the pen is orthogonal to the iPad, it is still ok. But when you begin to
tilt it, you’ll see an increasing offset, and the problem is to me, this offset is in
the opposite direction of what you’d expect. To really demonstrate that I’m actually drawing
a straight line I put the Smart Covert and you can see that as I tilt the pen, in either
direction, you can see this offset appearing. So, I really want to insist on the fact that
this doesn’t happen as much when the Script is disconnected, which means it’s related
to the SDK. That’s good, because you can improve the SDK aven after the pen is made, and that’s
what Adonit is constantly doing. So, to conclude, I go back to my favorite,
you already know about it, it’s GoodNotes. GoodNotes has a very powerful built-in palm
rejection technology that works with any styluses, including passive ones. So, it allows me to
work with the Script disconnected, avoiding at the same time the offset you just saw,
because, again, this offset mostly happens when the Jot Script is connected to the app,
but it is painless when the iPad and the stylus aren’t paired, you can’t even see this offset,
it’s very small. But, you know, most of the time, I don’t even need palm rejection because
I have this gray area under the zoom window, where I can rest my hand without writing anything
on the page. Don’t forget you can try GoodNotes for free, and stay tuned for the new big update
of the app. It’s coming in december. Well, I would like to thank every one who
watched this video, I hope you find it interesting. I’m sure it raises new questions, so don’t
hesitate to ask me anything you want in the comments. Don’t forget to check out my other
videos, and, it would mean a lot to me if you could share and like this video. Even
better, maybe you can subscribe to my channel and, well, who knows, if these videos have
enough success, I will consider very seriously doing more of them. So, thank you for your
support, and happy handwriting on the iPad!

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  • @Luischva says:

    Hello, my name is luis and I have subscribed to your channel because it is very interesting. Thank you in advance for your work. With your permission I would like to do several questions to you. The first one is that I would like to know which is the pen that you use to do your videoes. I believe that it me would come well for my work with the ipad. the second thing it is that I devote myself to the world of the technical drawing and I would like that you were advising me apps and pens for my work. Thank you for everything. A greeting

  • Vaga_bonder says:

    Hi, Thank you very much for these videos. My research looking for a tablet to take notes and organize them and access them faster has been now narrowed. I was looking at Galaxy note 10.1, Thinkpad Tablet 2, and Ipads. As I understood thinkpad tab 2 might be better in processor. But I'm not yet sure what to buy considering the cost wise. I don't want to spend too much. Most importantly, I want to go with the apple for now, seeing comparisons how fast we could access the stored PDFs and notes taken. Secondly, my hand writing is quite similar to yours and I will be writing the same things as you, Physics and electrical engineering. I like how your notes do look like in the given link. May be you can suggest me, would it be better to go for an Ipad (ipad 2are quite cheap compared to TPT2) would it work?? and I don't need OCR technology. what is your Ipad? and best stylus for your handwriting?

    ps: I don't need the best thing for taking notes. I need a good performance over-all , taking notes and accessing them fast and cost effective

  • TommyTau says:

    Merci Aurélien!
    Vos vidéos me sont et très intéressantes et très utiles!!

  • Jermaine Campbell says:

    Trying to find a good cheap stylus, any ideas?

  • Lehas1990 says:

    Great Channel. Im using Notes Plus at the moment. My question is, should i change to GoodNotes or would you say, i can stay with Notes Plus? Why do you prefer GoodNotes over Notes Plus?

  • Danilo Egidius says:

    Aurélien Chevaleyrias, ty so much for making such quality videos in your channel. 

    I'm thinking in buying a tablet for using in college. I was seeing some issues in Ipad handwriting, such as the delay of the writing and that black area where you put your hand for writing. Isn't the Galaxy Note family better than Ipad for this kind of usage? I'm stuck between buying a Galaxy Note 8.0 or an Ipad Air. The Ipad Air, in my opinion, beats the Galaxy Note family in every aspect – but this handwriting is making me crazy! Still don't know what product I should buy!

  • Brian Washington says:

    Question here. I have an otter box on my iPad and was wondering if the jot would work with the screen cover on the case. Pick have other styli, but I find I need to put more pressure on them since installing the otter box.

  • Vijayendran Raghavendran says:

    Thank you very much for sharing the reviews. Could I ask your views on the new Wacom creative stylus ? Is it as good as Adonit. I am torn between these two ? Any suggestion would be much appreciated.


  • riotgeek says:

    Thank you for this video, it's super helpful. I'm currently using the Adonit Jot Script Evernote with a handful of different apps to take notes on my iPad mini, and none of them have (yet) met my note taking needs. However, this video gives me a good overview of the best apps, so hopefully I can find something that suits me exactly. 

    I think perhaps if anyone is watching this video and wanting to get an iPad to have digital notes, go for the larger iPad, rather than the mini. I bought the mini primarily for travel (books, email, internet), but for note-taking, the smaller size is not ideal and I find my hand cramps a lot while writing on it. 

  • Armando Prieto says:

    Great review. Could you Tello me what Stylus are you using?

  • lemuellira says:


  • PDX1982 says:

    I've found that the Apex stylus by Lynktec ( works really well for handwriting on my tablet.  It has a fine rubber tip that transmits extremely well to the screen, and there is a rechargeable version now that doesn't require batteries.  I bought an Apex for my girlfriend to use with her tablet, taking notes for school and such.  Cheers!

  • MeSayus says:

    Is the Adonit Jot Script usable in apps without it being turned on/no batteries?

  • YourTimeIsUpNow says:

    Try out noteability …I bought good nots but I think noteability is much better and has lil more to offer..

  • Vinicius Soares says:

    Hi man, what's app do you use for writing?

  • Rita Moore says:

    I am about to start a project that will require my taking meeting notes that will need to distributed. I prefer to write notes by hand because it's faster than typing and allows me to shift styles as necessary (from sentences to outline, with side notations, etc.).  I'm looking for a way to convert handwriting to an editable Word document (a pdf won't work) with good accuracy.  Any suggestions?

  • amanuiel grmay says:

    how it work with pen

  • Joseph Gauthier says:

    Does anyone know of a app that will allow you to use a stylus to wright over a picture or a pdf document?  For example at work I need to fill out shift reports if I had a jpg, or a pdf of that I could take and use a stylus to fill out the form on the screen and then make a hard copy to a wifi printer?

  • Eshwar says:

    Can we use any pen?

  • Daniel Cohen says:

    I just wanted to add that as someone who exclusively uses the jot script for math, I found that notes plus was the best for me in terms of accuracy, skipping, and readability. I suggest trying notes plus and goodnotes both.

  • Nicholas Ouellet says:

    Hi, does good note allows you to import a PDF file and write on it ? I would like to change my powerpoint into a PDF and write directly on it. Thanks ! 

  • Matt Kerrigan says:

    Hi, I have just bought the Notes Plus app for iPad Air but the stylus I have is too big and soft and hence difficult to write neatly with. What one are you using in the video? Thanks

  • Phangirl says:

    Omg he types so hard

  • Howard Yang says:

    I was just wondering if you have used the Lynktec Rechargeable Apex Fine Point Stylus and how it compares to the Adonit Jot Script 

  • fabriziox4 says:

    is this a normal pen?

  • fabriziox4 says:

    have you a film protector?

  • Shawn Hampton says:

    Hi Aurelien,
    I just purchased goodnotes and am going to get the jot script as well.  I am having trouble using goodnotes… I am not that intuitive and dont know where to start to really use all its features.  Your tutorial is great but I need something much more introductory or basic… I am slow in some things, this is one of them. I really enjoy your videos.

  • Lola Díaz Barriga says:

    Hi, if I use a homemade pen, or my finger in GoodNotes, can I take my notes to Evernote still? For Evernote users would you advice better Penulitmate?

  • Santiago Ibarra Estrada says:

    Would you use, lets say the jot touch and the i pad air for college notes. ? instead of real notebooks. And do you know how much space does notes use (mb,kb,gb) ?

  • Todd Mortenson says:

    Thanks for showcasing our app, Notes Plus!
    Here's something of value for your viewers. 

    Notes Plus, is offering a ONE DAY 90% OFF SALE this coming Friday September 5th, 2014. 

    Video: Notes Plus Back To School 90% OFF Sale 

    Download Notes Plus Here:

  • Sonia Ashhab says:

    Does goodnotes app have a hebrew or arabic text?

  • Richard Ladson says:

    This is not an iPad or stylus question, but is more general.  I like to use MS Word to compose documents, such as complex emails.  To do so I need to take actions like the following:

    1. copy text from an email body and paste it into World (works OK).
    2. copy text from a PDF document and paste it into Word (often produces garbage)
    3. copy text from a Word document and paste it into an email body (double spacing is injected)
    4. save an email document as a PDF file, then copy/paste into Word for editing.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • diangg says:

    what stylus are you using in the demo

  • Tim F says:

    Hi Aurelien, Thank you for a most informative, well-thought out video. Can you recommend a Jot app used to insert handwritten notes on a pdf (e.g. for note taking in class on the lecturer's pdf)? Best wishes Tim

  • Glenn Billings says:

    Hello Aurélien.  I really appreciate you thorough reviews. The last I checked out stylus technology for the iPad was two years ago and I was not impressed.  But I can see it has come a long way.

  • HaMiD HamiD says:

    Nice handwriting

  • Real Website Hints says:

    Thanks for the great comparison! I've just gotten into taking handwritten notes on my iPad and I'm really liking it! I started with notes plus. The zoom mode at first was akward but now that I'm used to it I really enjoy it. I see that good notes has the same kind of zoom mode so I'm going to try that next! 

  • Malaika Durbin says:

    What type of stylus pen are you using?

  • Swee Lee says:

    which stylus is that?

  • Papo Papo says:

    Wonderful breakdown. Just discovered your channel as I was browsing for a iPhone 6 plus case that can house a stylus. Very professional and top quality video. Thank you. I think I've found a new home for writing apps and stylus reviews. Subscribed!

    1) Dotpen from dottech, is it worth it? It's a active stylus. I have no idea what that means or does, all I know, it's "active" requires one aaa battery.

    2) What is the pen you were using in this video?

  • dylan teeters says:

    What pen is it

  • David Chertoff says:

    has anyone done a comparison between the adonit jot script evernote edetion and the new Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2?im trying to decide which one to buy.thanks.

  • Fady Sherif says:

    bonjour aurelien 
    does the jot script worls with screen pretectors?

  • Suhaib says:

    Im looking for an app that is good in categorizing the writing content in files.
    & have an easy search feature in word & subject, I want to use for studying.
    Also, do you recommend iPad or Galaxy tab for writing

    Many thanks!

  • vashts85 says:

    Your handwriting is great…..when you are using GoodNotes are you using the Ballpen or Fountainpen? And what thickness are you using?

  • navataru says:

    How can you write on the Ipad with your palm/ fingers touching the screen but the only the stylus registering? Please let me know which program does this or if it is the stylus! I desperetly want a writing/ drawing program that lets me write or draw no matter how much my palm or fingers touch the Ipad. I want only the stylus to be read and registered on the Ipad.

  • Zohara Rotem says:

    what stylo do you use?

  • Gerald Shields says:

    @Aurélien Chevaleyrias I know this is a very late comment, but GoodNotes seems to be better than the Evernote-owned Penultimate in many ways. One example is that I seem to have a better time making paper templates for GoodNotes vs Penultimate. One question: What are your thoughts on using an iPad and a note taking app like GoodNotes in college vs using normal pen/pencil and paper vs using the Livescribe 3 smart pen?

  • William Carter says:

    I am so impressed with your Videos!  Thanks, I have been searching for the last two weeks trying to figure out what iPad (iPad Air 2 or Mini 3) for taking handwritten notes and then of course what stylus.  I am leaning toward the iPad Air and a rechargeable stylus like Apex or Adonis maybe get both.  I take lots of notes at work and have been using spiral note books in meetings, just brought home about eight note books full.  Signed up for Evernote and thought that the iPad would help better organize my future notes.  I have the very first iPad but my daughter has it now.  

    I have a Mac Book Air that is great, just not sure I want to be staring at a screen typing fast for notes.  And of course others seem to use iPads so maybe I should get with the current trend?  I work as an accountant (CPA).  

    From what I have read the iPad Mini might get hot, and then there is not that much real estate for a screen.  I am sure it can take notes but just not sure i the long haul.  I also listen to my music collection in iTunes in my office via bluetooth to Bose.  Music is Classical.  I have lots of music, so the other problem is size or figuring out how to hook up an external drive or private cloud to play said music.  Hence, the storage is another decision.  This problem solved I would not need to carry laptop everyday.  Fortunately, I could download the music again from Apple.  

    Any thoughts about the Air verses the Mini?  Any thoughts about expanding storage for music on the iPad?  I have looked at WD drives, HooToo, and other devices to link to iPads.

  • Jean Hubert says:

    Thanks Aurelien. Very helpful in making me decide which app to try. Point out all teh relevant features and possible downside.

  • chkao59 says:

    Did your iPad  paste the  Screen Protector ?
    I used the same stylus as yours,but I cannot write smoothly like  you…..

  • Gabriel Coutinho says:

    Do you know if the Adonit jot Touch or script works with Galaxy tab S ?? I am looking for a stylus bluetooth pen to take notes and draw in my Galaxy tab S , But I couldn't found anywhere if it will work

  • Francimar S. Alves says:

    is compatible with the air ipad 2?

  • Mira Hassan says:

    Great job.  I am using all the apps you were recommended.  But my problem is that I cannot find the right stylus or a stylus which is as good as yours.  I am so impressed seeing you are writing on an ipad as if you were writing on a piece of paper.  I live in Jakarta, Indonesia.  I might be able to get the stylus as yours.  please inform me the brand, style of your stylus please Sir.  I really enjoy all your you tube, they are all very helpful.  Straight forward and easy to follow.  Mercy beaucoup.  Cheers, Mira Hasan

  • Ortuño Nosekemás says:

    Is this stylus compatible With my iPad Air 2?

  • Ramesh Bhashyam says:

    Aurélien I have watched most if not all your videos on handwriting and stylus. Wonderful job. Thanks! You make it easy to make a decision. I am just curious. I plan to buy an Adonit stylus for my new class notes. Which do you prefer – Adonit Jot Touch Pixelpoint  or Adonit Script. This will be used for extensive class notes. No drawing or painting.  Best Regards

  • Roby Fri says:

    Salut Aurelien, cette stylo travaille bien meme avec un tablet android 4.4 kitkat? merci beaucoup

  • Darryl Richmond says:

    Nice review, gonna go with GoodNotes.

  • cyberwarrior27 says:

    Thank you for the great job you have done with all the videos you have presented but I have several questions? 
    Have you tried the different stylus with Android Tablets?
    Any suggestions. Your information is greatly appreciated!

  • tuxis says:

    So good note is the best notepad for writing and maths…

    Do you have any suggestion for the best stylus to use for writing and maths?

  • Aideen Wolfe says:

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    Can you please tell me what stylus you are using. It seems to have the tip of a real pen.

  • Melissa Atwell says:

    Thank you very much for this useful, detailed video.

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    And which apps do support arabic handwriting recognition

  • Pedro Kuri says:

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  • Christina Spaccavento says:

    Hi Aurelien
    Thanks for your great reviews, really helpful! I'm a user of the Jot Touch and wanted to ask what you think of 7NotesHD Pro for text conversion from handwritten to text?  I like the way it converts as you write and you can upload it to other apps too. Would love a review from you. Do you know any other apps that are as good?  Thanks

  • Wayne Ahlstrom says:

    Cross advertised a noiseless stylus – would you please evaluate this along with any comparable stylus?

  • Arthur Duncan says:

    I think your explanations are very clear and extremely helpful. I bought both an adonite jot and goodnotes after checking out your videos.
    I have one question I wonder if you help me – I use an A5 Filofax organiser and would like to be able to print out pages in A5 format, this doesn't seem to work in goodnotes . Any work arounds?

  • Unbox Madness says:


  • Happy SpaceInvader says:

    Interesting comments on Penultimate… I keep going back and trying that app, but I cannot get used to the zoomed in scrolling.  Your point about accented characters was particularly astute – I often writing in Spanish and have the same problem!

    Your review persuaded me to try out Good Notes, and that's something I have not regretted!

  • Bijan Izadi says:

    What Ipad are you using. I currently have an older Ipad 2, what stylus do you recommend for handwriting and note taking on that Ipad? Thank you

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    Excellent review. Thank you

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  • Elie Hanson says:

    Hi AurelienThanks for the video.I would like to know which of apps can export document in "text" format and not PDF… It should be compatible with French language too.If these four don't export n text format, which ones do?Thanks again

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  • Ioan Penry says:

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