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Handwriting letter formation: letter families

Handwriting letter formation: letter families

All these letters belong to the same group,
the Curly caterpillar family, because they all start with a curved movement to the left. Teaching the letters in their family groups
helps children’s motor memory because they’re starting each letter with the same movement. Boys, now write the letter ‘q’, starting like
a ‘c’ and turning it into a ‘q’. Good; and the last one in this group is the
letter ‘d’, so start like a ‘c’ and turn it into a ‘d’. Very nice indeed. Now I’m going to ask you to write the Long
ladder letter family. So start with an ‘l’ which is tall, go down to the bottom and ends
with a little exit flick. Start at the top of the letter and come down… very nice.
These are looking very nice. All right; now start a new line. You’re going
to start in the same way with a line down, making a ‘t’, and you take your pen or pencil
off and cross it. So start at the top, with an exit and cross. These are going very nicely. Now we’re going to do the letters in the Robot
group. Now just watch first: the Robot goes down, comes up on the same line and turns
away. So you’re writing the letter ‘r’ first of all, practise that one. Good! Make sure
you come up on the same line before you turn away. Down… up, and turn away. Excellent! Start a new line. We write the letter ‘n’
using the same movement, so you go down, up on the same line, turn away and go right over
to the line, with an exit flick… yes. Good, start a new line. The next letter in that group is ‘m’: straight
down, come up and over and up and over again and with your exit stroke. Good, and the last group, starting the same
way but going down below the line, if we had one, up to the top and curve round for the
letter ‘p. Start the long line down and we’re going to
write ‘h’, which comes over and flicks. Those are very nice; now start a new line: we’re
going to do ‘b’. B is formed the same way as ‘h’: straight down, up over, curve to the
right and closes. Now we’re going to do the Zig-zag letters.
So start with a ‘v’, down and up. Down and up, down and up. Good; now we do the ‘w’s,
down up, down up. Down up, down up. Good; now we’re going to do the ‘x’s, which are
like diagonal crosses. And the last one is the zig-zag monster ‘z’. Excellent, well done!

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