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Handwriting: correct wrist position

Handwriting: correct wrist position

Do you want to write that sentence again please? I love the way you angle the paper – beautiful,
well done! Try not to press quite so hard, and I’m just
going to reposition your wrist a little bit so that it’s not flattening into the page.
If you can try to keep your wrist turned upwards a bit, like that, rather than flattening it
down – keeping it in a more neutral position. Lovely. Ok, remember what I said about the wrist:
try and keep it that way – that’s it. One thing that’s often overlooked by a lot
of people teaching handwriting is the wrist stability, because if the wrist is coming
up in the air, and quite often they’re wearing jumpers or cardigans and you can’t see it.
But if the wrist isn’t on the table, which it is beautifully here, you’re going to get
so much extra load going through the hand muscles.

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