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Handwriting advice for parents: handwriting aids explained

Handwriting advice for parents: handwriting aids explained

What we’ve got here is… Using a writing
slope, why do we use a writing slope? Basically what the writing slope tends to do is shift
the body back, it prevents the child from leaning forward too much and it encourages
better wrist, forearm and shoulder stability. Using some of the commercially – lots and
lots of educational companies supply them – is different grips. what works for one child
doesn’t necessarily work for another, so it’s useful to try a selection, but what you want
to aim for is to prevent the child over-gripping the pencil barrel. All you may need to do
is put on a little foam adaptive grip to reduce the tension, or there are some that are more
moulded to encourage the thumb and the first finger in the pinching position and the middle
finger behind, so you get a more dynamic tripod grasp, because at the end of the day what
you want is separation of the hand so that the thumb, index finger and the middle finger
are driving the pencil and your ring and your little finger stay stable.

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