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Gurdas Maan | Jeeyo | Vlog 1| OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD

Gurdas Maan | Jeeyo | Vlog 1| OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD

It’s been 35 years since I’ve been travelling to the US But I still haven’t seen the Statue of Liberty yet Not only me, there might be others like me as well Who, in spite of living here in America, I bet have never seen the statue. I bet, wouldn’t have seen the statue yet. “Come to your senses, Farid, and go travel the world, And if you can find someone who’s found redemption, So shall you be redeemed.” If health allows, Wealth allows, And time allows You must definitely see God’s beautiful world And that’s why I have brought you here. O water, the eternal companion of our earth You befriend only those that are humble Every living cell thrives on your grace Without you our fables are incomplete You are the joy in every celebration, And the beauty in every scenery That is why our great Guru Sahib said, “Air is the teacher, water the father, and earth the mother. This place is one example of water’s great virtues It took water countless years of perseverance and patience to magnificently carve its way through these rocks and mountains. We humans wish to attain success in but a moment. If water can majestically carve its way through the mountains, Can’t we humans patiently carve our way through hardships and misfortunes To reach our goals? Of course, we can! But we must be like water, because, in essence, we are vessels that hold water. And water’s greatest virtue is its selfless humility. So preserve the water in and around you, Don’t pollute it. Or else only the great lord knows What will become of our world. We are all statues of dust, glued together in an illusion. Living in a world of dust, in an empire where the only business is that of dust. Our world has become a marketplace where dust is the greatest commodity The ego is the root cause of all our conflicts Racial discrimination is a mere reflection of our ego And so I salute the dust that rids itself of pride and ego. And pity that doesn’t. Isn’t it God’s miracle That these black, brown and white mountains, all made by him, Three colours made by god, Different in appearance and colour, coexist so beautifully together? We are a human race, made by God We were created as one, but in different colours Our appearances are dissimilar not because of the colour of our skin, but our beliefs. The three colours of these mountains, The three colours of our flag, The three colours of life:
Beauty, youth and parenthood. Once lost, can never be regained. So let’s coexist in peace and harmony, because if we don’t, we lose all this forever. So bear in mind, love forever, love forever. Nature has given us a lot And now it’s our time To give back to nature. Hate for hate will give rise to endless conflict Murderous blood will then replace our beautiful rivers If we poison the air So shall we be poisoned one day. And if we wish to be spared, So shall we be spared. Preserve our beautiful nature with love, And so shall it give us joys in abundance What we sow Is what we reap What we give Is what we get Let’s plant a tree, so the divine shades be upon us forever Let’s save the youth from drugs, so our mothers live long and happy Let’s paint nature with love, kindness and benevolence, So we’re forever surrounded with the colourful winds of joy. Let’s mix the fragrance of flowers With the fragrance of our great martyrs And spread it into the environment So the winds are sweet and fresh forever And divine shades be upon us forever Mothers live long forever The air remains pure forever I’ll see you soon with my next vlog God bless JEEYO

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