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Greetings in Arabic – Conversation From Scratch #1

Hello and welcome back to Arabic For You! Today I’m gonna be teaching you all the phrases that you can use to greet someone in Arabic that’s how you say hello we respond to it with the same word marHaban marHaban to avoid using the same word every single time we are giving you some alternatives we respond to it with the same word ahlan ahlan or you can expand on that a little bit which will lead us to the next one ahlan ahlan wa sahlan we can also respond with a slightly more friendly one if you’re talking to a man ahlan ahlan bika if you’re talking to a woman, it will be ahlan ahlan biki and if you’re talking to a group of people, it will be ahlan ahlan bikum also, you can all the time use We respond to it with the same word Saba-Hul khair Saba-Hul khair We respond to it with the same word masa’-ul khair masa’-ul khair finally we have the last one which is recommended when you are talking to your Muslim friends This one doesn’t change whether you are talking to a man, a woman or a group of people to respond to this one we say assa lamu alai kum wa alai kum assa lam each one
of today’s phrases is recorded separately on our channel on soundcloud so it will be easier for you to refer to them for perfect pronunciation listen to each phrase of them more than one time record your own pronunciation and then compare both of them this method will help you
correct your own mistakes and don’t worry if some letters are hard for you to say it’s okay if you have any
comments questions concerns leave it in comment section down below also follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts see you next Saturday inshallah

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