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Graphic Design Font of the Week MUSEO

Graphic Design Font of the Week MUSEO

Hey everyone, this is Graphic Designer Roberto Blake and today’s Create Awesome font of the
week is Museo! Museo is a modern font face created
by Jose Buivenga in 2008 so it’s actually very new. It’s
become extraordinarily popular as a Web Font partly due to its inclusion in Adobe
TypeKit library so if you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud
user you can actually access Museo and all it’s variations for free using
your Creative Cloud membership if you decide you want to own Museo
outright I do have links in the description below to Museo
regular and its other variations that you can buy from Myfonts.com even if you have a Creative Cloud
membership it might be worth actually owning them outrightly just in case.
So speaking of those variations Museo actually has quite a few of them
Museo regular Museo Sans Serif, Museo Sans Rounded and Museo Slab, just to name a few. As
I said earlier these fonts have become very popular as web fonts used in a lot of different
website especially by people want develop our corporate
websites with a modern feel to them so I really like it for that but I think
it actually plays out very well in print advertising as well so you might
want to consider using it for that. I haven’t seen a lot of logo designs
developed using Museo or its variants but that doesn’t mean
that they don’t exist, or that it’s not a great idea and if you guys wanna go ahead and
create a logo or anything typographic based using is
Museo or it’s variants I’d really love to see it so make
sure you remember to you Tweet those at me via @robertoblake on Twitter and go ahead and use the hashtags #CreateAwesome
and #FontOftheWeek. So this week’s free font from DaFont.com is actually Coolvetica Coolvetica is an actual variation that looks
very similar to things might see with HELVETICA so you should consider checking that
out if you’re looking for something for you and opensource to use that has
a Helvetica kinda feel to it just remember that there are some
variations on different letter forms for this that are not going to match up with Helvetica it is a font after all I
have a link to that in the description below as well as
links all the Museo fonts you can get at MyFonts.com I hope you guys enjoy this video again
make sure you send me all your great typographic creations
@robertoblake on Twitter like this video if you like it don’t
forget to subscribe! Checkout the other great content on the channel as always you guys thanks so much for
watching and don’t forget create something awesome today

9 Replies to “Graphic Design Font of the Week MUSEO”

  • TalesOfWar says:

    I love Museo. I use it in my portfolio. It's a nice clean, easy to read typeface.

  • Mathew Mabee says:

    I always recommend Gravity to others. It has several variants, and is public domain. I use that for a lot of my web design because of how well it scales itself. My favourite licensed font however, has to go to Primetime. It actually slightly resembles Museo, but it has a more serious styling. I'm really looking forward to see the future fonts of the week!

  • Lilly Rose says:

    My favorite font is the one American Apparel uses. I forgot the name.

  • Lewis Wilson says:

    Here's a brand new font I made if anyone wants to check it out! https://sellfy.com/p/mLCx/ Perfect for Illustrations and portfolios 🙂 

  • alex bassett says:

    I really really like coolvetica. However currently my new favourite font is "clear sans"

  • Catnique says:

    What is the name of the font on you tshirt?

  • Xae says:

    congragulations on 19k 2 maybe 3 days early and have you ever considered adding an outro to your channel or has it never really occured to you aswell thank's for another great video!

  • MarkNiceyard says:

    A good basis for a video an a font would be a few more seconds of showing the font and bringing on some explicit examples why it is so good.

  • Uce28 says:

    What about Tungsten?

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