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Google Translate App for iOS7 Adds Handwriting

Google Translate App for iOS7 Adds Handwriting

(Image source: Digital Trends) BY BRIANA ALTERGOTT Google Translate for iOS got a significant
makeover Friday. Not only is it sporting a redesigned look
to fit in with the new iOS landscape, but it can also now translate your handwriting.
(Via iTunes) Google Translate version 2.0 lets you handwrite
characters in the language of your choosing and will give you a translation in your native
tongue. The new feature supports 49 different languages. (Via Engadget) This will come in handy if you don’t know
how to say the word in question or if you can’t type it. (Via YouTube / Austin Evans) But let’s say you’re in China and find yourself
wondering what that super complicated character on your restaurant menu actually means. Good
luck trying to draw that on your smartphone screen. Instead, try tapping on the app’s microphone
icon and have your waiter say the word instead — that is, of course, if you can figure
out how to ask your waiter to do that. The app will then spit out the translation on
your screen and will even read it out loud to you. (Via Cult of Mac) The new feature has been translating Android
users’ handwriting for more than a year. This feature of the app is just now available for
Apple devices. (Via YouTube / LifeOfAndroid) You can download the improved version for
the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But the app does require iOS 5.1 or later, so make sure
you’re updated.

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  • Rorschackh says:

    If you can ask the waiter to read something out for you, then you can ask him what does it mean. Human communications still has some perks

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