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Google Handwriting Input (Keyboard)

Google Handwriting Input (Keyboard)

Hi guys, this is a tutorial video Google handwriting Input. I am going to show you how to download, setup and use Google Handwriting input. So, let’s head to the Google Play Store It doesn’t requires any special permissions. It’s only about 12 MBs, so it won’t hinder your storage space. So, the downloading is complete and it’s installing. Now, let’s open it As we can see that here is a privacy policy we don’t have to do anything but just
Press OK First of all, enable Google Handwriting Input Now this will open settings We have the set Google Handwriting Input here OK Now, it’s set Now, this is the list of the pre installed keyboards on this device. Now, I can configure languages here.
If I switch off to the system language. I can use any language It offers over 80 different languages in
20 different scripts where I don’t know many* languages except English and Hindi so I will show
you how to use this in Hindi As you can see now we have to download
that additional languages that we selected which is around 7.5 Megabytes So, the downloading is complete. Now, let’s try using the keyboard So, this cloud button is used to toggle the online and offline mode This app can work offline. but can work better with online support. It’s upto you if you want to keep it enabled or disabled. I am enabling it as I’m using WiFi currently.
As you can see it’s the again privacy policy that whatever we will type will be transmitted to Google. This is a globe, and it is used to toggle between the installed keyboards. This is my default keyboard. and this the Google Handwriting Input here we can select between the different keyboards, the default keyboard, As you can see while typing, I also get some suggestions. for the words, I can type whole words in this way I can also type emojis but in the English one, I guess No, I will have to download the emoji keyboard for that, I guess I just figured out why I couldn’t use* the emoji prediction because I was in the Google search and lawyers you can’t search such emojis in the google Google is over smart. Let, me try it here So, that’s our emoji, now let’s also take a look at its settings. The cloud button, you can just disable the cloud button from here Sharing user statistics so that’s all folks Bye, Bye.
Stay tuned for future videos.

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