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Google Handwriting Input (Gboard) Keyboard Android App Review – 2017 | Digital World

Google Handwriting Input (Gboard) Keyboard Android App Review – 2017 | Digital World

How to Local Language on Android Mobile | Google Handwriting Input – Android hello youtubers this is Android app
review episode number one and in this episode we’ll talk about Google
handwriting input if you want to write in your native
language on your android mobile then google handwriting input is the solution
which enables users to write in more than 90 languages we will demonstrate
writing or do language with stylus or fingers follow these steps first you
need to install this app from playstore since i have already installed this app
on my mobile therefore i am skipping this step open app on your device enable
google handwriting input select Google handwriting input you select your do from configure languages
menu click OK once prompted for download language once language is
downloaded you are good to go select a file to write or do with your finger set of a keyboard you will see this
blank area stating right here now you can see that I am writing in my
native language in or do with my finger ER surprisingly it’s handwriting
detection capability is very good in the same way you can select and download any
of the regional language and can write anywhere on your mobile may it be
messenger whatsapp your browser or a word processor that’s all for now if you
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