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God’s Soft Cc Book & Handwriting

God’s Soft Cc Book & Handwriting

Hello! Here is today’s mini- lesson plan:
Sing God’s Letter Sound Song. Read “God’s Soft Cc Book” and Handwriting
with Handwriting Hank. I teach about ALL the Letters and their sounds
in another longer lesson called “Making Connections
Between Letters and Letter Sounds.” That doesn’t mean you should skip these mini-lessons
concerning each sound, because they will give you additional practice hearing each sound,
you will gain practice in using good reading strategies, and new information will be added.
These mini lessons also include handwriting. Check out our Pictorial Video Presentation
of God’s Letter Sound Song – the song we’re going to sing today. This is not a
commercial, because everything we have on our website is free. This 2 – page chart of
the most common letter sounds is on our website for free – it comes directly from that Video
Presentation. You’ll also find another 3-page chart called God’s Consonant Blends. You’ll
also want to view our other teaching videos: God’s Alphabet Song, God’s Vowel and Consonant
Song, 2 videos about God’s Consonant Blends, and God’s “Reading Strategies That Good
Reader’s Use” which is also found in book form on our website. Today, we’re going
to use the audio from a video called “God’s Letter Sound Song” – that will help you to
learn the sounds that letters make. Watch my mouth to see how the sounds are made and
listen for the sounds. You may have to turn down your volume on your device a little,
because I’m going to be singing along with the video found on YouTube. Feel free to harmonize
with me once you know the song by heart. Here we go! God’s Letter – Sound Song
God made letters and He made sounds. Put them together and your reading abounds.
There are all kinds of words you can read and they’ll help you to get what you need.
So, start with the sounds and the letters and your reading can only get better. Short Aa is “a” for apple,
Long Aa is “a” for April, Bb is “b” for bird.
There’s more letter sounds for words. Soft Cc is “s” for circle,
Hard Cc is “c” for cat, Dd is “d” for dog
Don’t sit like a bump on a log. Short Ee is “e” for eggs,
Long Ee is “e” for eagle Ff is “f” for fish.
Let’s put more sounds on YOUR dish. Soft Gg is “j” for giraffe.
Hard Gg is “g” for goat, Hh is “h” for heart.
You’ve got to sing YOUR part. Short Ii is “i” igloo,
Long Ii is “i” for ice, Jj is “j” for jar
You’re becoming a letter sound star. Kk is “k” for king.
Ll is “l” for lion Mm is “m” for moon
Just keep on singing that tune. Nn is “n” for nest
Short Oo is “o” for octopus Long Oo is “o” for oval
Make yourself more vocal. Pp is “p” for pig.
Qq is “qu” for queen. Rr is “r” for rooster
God will be your booster. Ss is “s” for snake
Tt is “t” for turtle Short Uu is “u” for up
Let God fill YOUR cup. Long Uu is “u” for unicorn.
Vv is “v” for violin. Ww is “w” for watch.
Let’s take it UP a notch. Xx is “x” for x-ray,
Yy is “y” for yellow Zz is “z” for zebra.
Good job! GOD can see ya! You’ve learned your letters sounds
in a very different way. You’ve learned your letter sounds
Using God’s Letter Sound Song today. Yeah! O.K.! You saw my lips move and you can practice
by re-watching these videos. We’re going to probably be singing that song in every one
of this Letter Sound Song Series because you can get those sounds in your head. You need
to know them as you’re reading. It has to be very automatic. In our presentation called “God’s Reading
Strategies That Good Readers Use,” you will learn
Strategies that help you to problem solve a word that you don’t immediately know.
Today, and in all of these mini-lessons within the Letter Sound Series you will be using
the first 2 Strategies That Good Reader’s Use: Look at the Picture and Get your mouth
ready to say the beginning sound. I KNOW that you will not be able to read these words yet
and I don’t expect you to be able to. We’re only practicing using the picture and getting
ready to say the beginning sound, because it will help you to visually recognize the
letter and the sound that goes with it. It will also help you to familiarize yourself
with some words that begin with that sound. If you are just coming into this series – start
at the beginning of the alphabet and just continue with us through each of the letters
of the alphabet. We have lots of free books on our website under the heading “Print Your
Free Books Now” and they go with these mini lessons. You can print them out, but you don’t
have to – if you don’t have the means to do it. Just click on the PDF and read them
that way. You can do that from any device that can get the internet. Now the PDF is
just the title. You click on that title and you’ll see, it will pop up. You can do that
from any device that can get the internet. For now, we are looking at these letters and
the letter sounds they make at the beginning of words, but soon we’re going to be looking
at easier words where each letter is moved to the middle and end of a word to make a
word family. So, let’s look at this book now. This is the Soft Cc Book that I was talking
about. God’s Soft Cc Book and you can see a circle
on the cover, so say that word, “circle” so you can get an idea of what that sound is.
It’s going to make a prediction that circle circle is that soft Cc sound and actually
it sounds like an Ss – it’s the same as an Ss sound.
Written by the Lord Jesus Christ with Anita Hiltz
Anita Hiltz©2018 All Rights Reserved Worldwide We have this dedication at the beginning of
our books, because we give all the glory in this ministry and that’s who deserves it. I give ALL of the glory to my Father God,
the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit for the collection of books which He has written
and for the illustrations – ALL of which would not have been possible without Him. He instructed
me to put the copyright in my name and I have obeyed. God’s Loving World Ministries™
is a Christian Literacy organization whose mission is to teach remedial reading, writing,
math, and English to English as a Second Language Learners. Psalm 115:1
“1 Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness.” (NIV) Psalm 45:1
“1 My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king;
my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.” (NIV) Well, I would have no skills If it weren’t
for the Lord Jesus the Christ and He’s really the skillful writer. God’s Soft Cc Book
Anita Hiltz©2018 All Rights Reserved Worldwide Nothing can be added to or taken away from
this book, including its title. God’s Letter Sound Series – and that’s the series of books that appear
on our website and they are free. So we have the first word and we’ve already
gotten a hint from the title – it said that it was the Soft Cc Book, so it’s the soft
Cc sound, and we know it makes the same sound as the letter Ss. So it makes a “ssss” sound
at the beginning of the word – even though you see a Cc. Why? I have know idea! That’s
the way the English language works! Ha! Ha! Ha!
This word is circle circle You can look at the picture remember we’re
going to look at the pictures as a clue. It will help us. You can see the word here . It’s
the same word that’s down here. Here is a man walking on a sidewalk. You can see the
grass and this is the sidewalk. It has an arrow pointing down and that sidewalk is made
of cement – cement. There is the same word cement down there. So, see the pictures can
help you to figure things out. Now when you get into chapter books those strategies are
a little different, but for an easy book these are beginning lessons. For an easy book the
pictures can give a clue. If you’re reading a magazine though or even in a chapter book
often times they will have pictures too. They can still give you hints. This is showing
a circle and a dot there and 2 arrows pointing in towards that dot – that’s the center center. Now this is a symbol sometimes you’ll see
this symbol in businesses and it shows the arrows going round and when something goes
around like this just like the wheel of a bicycle – it’s called a cycle a cycle. which
means that it just continues – it’s continuous – cycle. cemetery and you can see the head stones “Rest
in Peace” it says on them. cemetery. We’re getting our mouth ready for the beginning
sound of Soft Cc “ssss.” This picture shows a picture of a house. You
can see the windows, the floor, you see the light fixture at the top and you see an arrow
pointing up to this part of the home and it’s the ceiling ceiling. Now this one, shows a house with 3 stories.
There’s the top level, there’s the middle level, and then there’s one that’s underneath
the ground. See how it shows the ground there. The one that’s underneath the ground and it
has storage things in it – in that picture. When you go on-line and look at the picture
you can see it yourself. If you want to print it out you can or you can just look at the
PDF. It’s the cellar cellar. The bottom floor of a home. Again if you go on our website you can see
these pictures, get these pictures and see them more clearly. It shows a bowl and it has circle like loops
in it. It’s cereal cereal. If you need help with learning and reading
God CAN help you. Let us pray.
Just say, Lord Jesus the Christ, I’ve made so many mistakes I must confess.
I repent of them now and turn from them. I no longer want that mess.
Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God and believe in your resurrection.
I want to be a child of God and receive your love and affection. Lord Jesus the Christ be my Savior.
Come into my heart. Cleanse me now of all unrighteousness
and give me a brand-new start. I ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
and the baptism by Holy fire too. I WANT to be changed and to do the RIGHT things.
I need help from you. Please help me to read, write, and do my math.
I want to start learning today. I want my life to take a turn
and start in a whole new way. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for helping me to learn.
I KNOW you can help make my ability, greater than anyone ever imagined
and bring back my self-respect and dignity. I ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus the
Christ. I say “Amen” and make it sure.
Now I’ll start learning the RIGHT way. I KNOW Lord Jesus, YOU are the door.
AMEN! Brought to you by:
God’s Loving World Ministries™ “Planting Seeds To Teach A Man To READ,
So, He Can Learn For A Lifetime!” ™
You can get this FREE book and a FREE Letter Sound Chart which includes some of the pictures
shown in this video at our website:
Click on “PRINT YOUR FREE BOOKS NOW”, “READ FEEDS”, or “ESL LIVE” Now, the last time we met or actually the
last 2 times I’ve spoken about this. I’ve talked to you about going to the dollar store
and getting a pad that has lines that look like this. Where you have a solid line at
the top, a dotted line in the center, and a solid line down at the bottom. Those will
help you to do these lessons with me as we work so, I hope you’ve done that and I hope
you’re joining me now with your pad before you got started I hope you went and got your
pad and your pencil or pen or what you’re going to write with. It’s easier to start
with a pencil though. Here we have Handwriting Hank again. If you remember, Handwriting Hank
his head is touching the headline. His waist is touching the waist line and his feet are
touching the foot line. The solid line at the top is the headline. The dotted line in
the middle is the waist line right where his waist is and the foot line is the solid line
down the bottom. Let me show you on this one again. This is the headline- this top one.
The dotted line is the waist line and the bottom line is called the foot line. So when
I’m referring to that you will understand what I’m talking about and I’ll be using that
throughout this series. So, let’s write the letter Cc – it’s a very
easy letter to write. You’re going to start the letter Cc – half
way – about half way- about half way – between the headline and the waist line. You’re going
to put your pencil right about there. It’s about that and you’re going to come up and
touch the headline and it’s almost like you’re making a circle. You’re going to go all the
way around like you’re making a circle, but you’re not going to complete it. You’re going
to touch that foot line and then you’re going to come up half way between the waist line
and the footline on the bottom. You can see you’re not doing a whole circle – you’re only
doing a part of a circle and you’re leaving an opening here and that is an uppercase C.
It’s that easy! Let’s make one again. I hope you can see this well enough. I think you
can. I’m looking at my camera. You’re going to start half way between the waist line and
the headline on the top. I’ll put a little dot there – you can see approximately where
I’m starting. Then you’re going to go up – touch the headline – make a nice round what appears
to be a circle , but you’re not going to complete it. You’re going to touch the footline and
come up half way between the footline and the waist line and you’re going to stop. There
is your uppercase C. It’s that simple. Let’s make a lowercase c. I think you’ll be able
to see if I write down here. We’re going to do the same thing, between the waist line
and the foot line. It’s made exactly the same way, but instead of using that large area
for writing – you’re going to use the smaller area for writing. I’ll come way over here
so you’ll be able to see better. You’re going to start half way between the waist line and
the footline. You’re going to come up and touch and you’re going to go around as though
you’re going to, excuse me, I have to stop and fix that. You’re going to touch the foot
line and then you’re going to come up and stop and you’re not going to finish the circle,
in fact I could have put that a little bit higher. You’re not going to finish the circle.
So let’s do this. You’re not going to come down too far, just a little bit under the
waist line. You’re going to make almost a full circle. You’re going to touch the foot
line, come up a little and you’re going to stop and that’s it. Let’s do it again. You’re
going to start a little bit below the waist line. Come up and touch the waist line, go
around, touch the foot line, come up and not complete the circle. You’re going to leave
a little opening there. That’s what a lowercase Cc – this uppercase C or sometimes people
will refer to it as a capital C and then these are lowercase c’s. That’s how easy that is.
So that’s it for todays’ lesson. I hope you come back and join us again. We want to get
more practice in writing letters and listening to letter sounds, and learning some more strategies
too. So, thank you for joining us. God Bless You and have a great day! Bye Bye!

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