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God’s Short Aa Book & Handwriting

God’s Short Aa Book & Handwriting

Hello! Here is today’s lesson plan: Sing
“God’s Letter Sound Song”, Read “God’s Short Aa Book” and Handwriting the Letter Aa. I
teach about ALL the Letters and their sounds in another lesson called “Making Connections
Between Letters and Letter Sounds” and I also teach the words to our Letter Sound Song.
Check out our Pictorial Power Point Presentation to go with it too. This 2 – page chart of
the most common letter sounds is on our website for free, it comes directly from that Power
Point Presentation. This will also help you to learn your sounds and help you when you
want to write. We’re going to sing “God’s Letter Sound Song” and I want you to watch
my mouth as I make the sounds for the song. Here we go! God’s Letter – Sound Song God made letters and He made sounds.
Put them together and your reading abounds. There are all kinds of words you can read
and they’ll help you to get what you need. So, start with the sounds and the letters
and your reading can only get better. Short Aa is “a” for apple,
Long Aa is “a” for April, Bb is “b” for bird.
There’s more letter sounds for words. Soft Cc is “s” for circle,
Hard Cc is “c” for cat, Dd is “d” for dog
Don’t sit like a bump on a log. Short Ee is “e” for eggs,
Long Ee is “e” for eagle Ff is “f” for fish.
Let’s put more sounds on YOUR dish. Soft Gg is “j” for giraffe.
Hard Gg is “g” for goat, Hh is “h” for heart.
You’ve got to sing YOUR part. Short Ii is “i” igloo,
Long Ii is “i” for ice, Jj is “j” for jar
You’re becoming a letter sound star. Kk is “k” for king.
Ll is “l” for lion Mm is “m” for moon
Just keep on singing that tune. Nn is “n” for nest
Short Oo is “o” for octopus Long Oo is “o” for oval
Make yourself more vocal. Pp is “p” for pig.
Qq is “qu” for queen. Rr is “r” for rooster
God will be your booster. Ss is “s” for snake
Tt is “t” for turtle Short Uu is “u” for up
Let God fill YOUR cup. Long Uu is “u” for unicorn.
Vv is “v” for violin. Ww is “w” for watch.
Let’s take it UP a notch. Xx is “x” for x-ray,
Yy is “y” for yellow Zz is “z” for zebra.
Good job! GOD can see ya! You’ve learned your letter sounds
in a very different way. You’ve learned your letter sounds
Using God’s Letter Sound Song today. Yeah!
AnitaHiltz©2018 All Rights Reserved Worldwide Great! I know you were listening and you can
listen again. Go to that Power Point Presentation and you can learn those. Now that you watched
my mouth you know what the sounds are going to sound like and I hope you’ve gone to that
other lesson “Making Connections Between Letters and Letters Sounds” because it does slow the
song down a little bit so you can learn it and then it speeds up. In this mini-lesson we’re going to focus
on the Short Aa sound again – “a.” Notice I drop my mouth and flatten my tongue “a”.
I have a special book for you today. In our presentation called “God’s Reading Strategies
Good Readers Use” you’ll learn that two important reading strategies for a beginning
reader are: Using the pictures as a clue and getting your mouth ready to say the beginning
letter sound. You can begin using those 2 important strategies today as I read this
book. For now, I’ll read this book to you, but
soon you’ll be reading books yourself! “God’s Short Aa Book.”
Written by the Lord Jesus Christ with Anita Hiltz. Anita Hiltz copyright 2018 All Rights
Reserved Worldwide. In this book is a dedication . A dedication honors someone else. A lot
of books have dedications. Some people dedicate a book to their mother or their father, to
a child, somebody special in their lives. Well, the most special person in my life is
the Lord Jesus the Christ, so this dedication is to Him. I give ALL of the glory to my Father
God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit for the collection of books which He has written
and for the illustrations – ALL of which would not have been possible without Him. He instructed
me to put the copyright in my name and I have obeyed. God’s Loving World Ministries™
is a Christian Literacy organization whose mission is to teach remedial reading, writing,
math, and English to English as a Second Language Learners. Psalm 115:1
“1 Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and
faithfulness.” (NIV) Psalm 45:1
“1 My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue
is the pen of a skillful writer.” (NIV) God’s Short Aa Book Anita Hiltz©2018 All Rights Reserved Worldwide Nothing can be added to or taken away from
this book including its title. God’s Letter Sound Series. It’s in our God’s
Letter Sound Series, so there’s going to be other books to come and other mini-lessons.
Apple – Do you hear that “a” short Aa sound? “a” That’s what you’re going to be looking
for. Remember, you’ve got to look for the clue in the picture and all of these words
will begin with the “a” sound. So, you can get your mouth ready.
ant – We don’t want these in our house, do we?
ax – Maybe somebody is using one of these to chop wood for your winter fireplace.
add – We add. Here is the numeral 2 and 2 stars
and a numeral 2 and 2 stars and when you add there is the plus sign that means to add – to
put things together, so we put this group together and we have 1,2,3,4 stars and there
is the numeral 4 so we are adding or this is to add. Again that “a” sound.
Look at the picture – astronaut Use it as a clue.
You have seen this word in your community – Avenue – on a street sign Avenue. Maybe
someone you know lives on an Avenue? I wouldn’t want to come into contact with
one of these except in the pages of a book – alligator
and this is a yummy vegetable – asparagus asparagus Here’s an Aa in different fonts:
Here’s a capital or uppercase A and a lowercase a, Capital A , lowercase a, capital A lowercase
a, and here’s a cursive A in a capital form and then a lowercase a, but look at these
2 lowercase a’s here they are different, but both of them are still lowercase a’s and depending
on the type of material you’re reading you may see this a or this a and you need to know
that both of them are lowercase a’s. We never want to miss an opportunity to make
sure that people know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior, so we have a little poem
in this book and I’m going to model for you how you move your finger across the page and
put your finger under the words. If you need help with learning and reading God CAN help
you. Let us pray. Just say, Lord Jesus the Christ,
I’ve made so many mistakes I must confess. I repent of them now and turn from them.
I no longer want that mess. Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God
and believe in your resurrection. I want to be a child of God
and receive your love and affection. Lord Jesus the Christ be my Savior.
Come into my heart. Cleanse me now of all unrighteousness
and give me a brand-new start. I ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
and the baptism by Holy fire too. I WANT to be changed and to do the RIGHT things.
I need help from you. Please help me to read, write, and do my math.
I want to start learning today. I want my life to take a turn
and start in a whole new way. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for helping me to learn.
I KNOW you can help make my ability, greater than anyone ever imagined
and bring back my self-respect and dignity. I ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus the
Christ. I say “Amen” and make it sure.
Now I’ll start learning the RIGHT way. I KNOW Lord Jesus, YOU are the door. Amen! Brought to you by: God’s Loving World Ministries™
“Planting Seeds To Teach A Man To READ, So He Can Learn For A Lifetime!” ™ This book can be found for free on our website,
you can read it from a PDF and just scroll down and read the book and look at the book
or you can print it out for free. That’s the Teacher version and we also have a Student
version that comes with 2 books to a page. You cut them or tear them apart, and then
put all of the pages together in order and if you are a home-schooling teacher or parent
that has multiple children in your family you can print out multiple copies of that
book. Now, we’re going to do a handwriting lesson.
One thing I advise my students to do is to go to a dollar store and buy a pad that has
lines look like this. It has a solid line at the top, a dotted line in the middle, and
a solid line down at the bottom. You can get a lot of practice out of that one pad and
it only costs a dollar. For future lessons you can have your pad handy and write with
me as I do each lesson. I’m going to use my dry erase board and I’m going to be teaching
you some things about handwriting and some terms that I will use when I give a handwriting
lesson. Now you saw the letter Aa and we need to learn how to make it. So, I made my page
– you can see my board is the same as one of those dollar store pads. We have a solid
line, a dotted line in the middle, and a solid line on the bottom. This little man here we’re
going to call him Handwriting Hank the handwriting expert – because he helps. You can see his
head is touching that solid top line. It’s called the head line, because that’s where
his head is. It touches that line. Then, you can see that he has on a shirt and a pair
of pants and there is his waist and his waist is right where the dotted line is, so we call
that the waist line. Down here we see that he has feet and that bottom line is like his
pavement that he’s standing on and it’s called the foot line, because that’s where his feet
are. So that’s Hank and he’s waving at you to say, “Hello!” We have an example of the
letter A here. Here’s an uppercase or remember they also call it a capital A and we have
a lowercase a. Today we’re going to practice making one. Later on, once you have your pad
or you have a piece of paper handy then you can come back and watch the video again and
make the A’s with me. I’m going to show you first of all what it looks like with my finger
and then we’ll make it with the pen. In fact, I’ll put the cap back on my dry erase marker,
so it doesn’t dry out while we’re doing that. You come to the top line here and you make
a line at an angle down in one direction. Then you come back up to the top at the same
point and you make a line going in the opposite direction at an angle too. When you do that
those 2 lines going in the opposite directions kind of make a little tent. Then you use what
you have available to you. This line the waist line makes a nice straight line. So, you draw
a line from that line to this line. Straight across and it makes a nice uppercase or capital
A. The lowercase a is different. You start on the waist line for the lowercase a. You
put your pen or pencil at the top right at that line – right at the waist line and you
go around in a circle. You touch the bottom line here, but you don’t go beyond it. There’s
nothing down here and nothing above that waist line either. So, you’re putting that circle
right between the waistline and the foot line. So, you make your circle. Then to finish up
the letter you put your pencil on the waistline and you’re going to make a straight line right
next to that circle and in fact that line is going to touch the edge of that circle,
so you’ll start at the waist line and go straight down and you’ll stop at the foot line right
at the foot line. I have always told my students that driving your pen or your pencil or your
marker is like driving a car. When you’re out there on the road you have to make sure
you stay in your lane. Well, you have to do the same thing when you’re doing handwriting.
You have to make sure you stay within the lines and that you don’t go making marks
all over the place. You have to control your vehicle and while you’re doing handwriting
this marker or your pencil is your vehicle. So now, we’re going to make an A. We’ll start
with an uppercase A. I think I’ll make it right below this A so that you can see. We’re
going to start on the head line and we’re going to make one line at an angle going down.
We’re going to stop at the foot line. Then we’re going to come right back up to that
same place and we’re going to make another line going in the opposite direction straight
down – well at an angle, but downwards not straight down, but at an angle down and stop
at the foot line. Now you see – you have like a little teepee. It looks like a tent a part
of a tent maybe a pup tent. Then we have to join these 2 lines and we’re going to use
that waist line to do it, because that will help us to draw a straight line. So, I’m going
to start over here at this line and I’m going to make a nice straight line right across
and join those 2 lines. You can see it makes a nice capital or uppercase A. It’s very neat
and you use that line to help you. Now let’s make a lowercase a. Like I said before we’re
going to start on the waist line. We’re going to make a nice circle and we’re only going
to touch that bottom line. We’ll come back up and make a circle and join the circle – close
the circle so that it’s a complete circle. Notice it’s not above the waist line. It’s
not below the waistline. The circle is between those 2 lines. Now we’re going to come back
up to the waist line again and we’re going to make a stick straight down. we’re going
to make a line or a stick straight down and we have to touch the end of the circle not
the end the side of the circle. So here we go, we’re going to start at the waist line
and I’m just going to touch a very little bit the edge of the circle and bring it down
to the foot line. There you go! Now today we’ve made an uppercase or capital A and we’ve
made a lowercase a. As soon as you get your pad you can practice and you can do letters
all the way across. I always tell my students to at least a one finger space in between
their letters so if we put a finger here then the next one would start about here so that
we make sure that we have a space between our letters. and I would just do the same
thing. There you go and you’ll leave spaces a little bit of a space because if you get
them too close you can’t write neatly. So that’s the end of today’s mini-lesson. I
hope to see you again. God Bless You and you have a great day! Bye Bye!

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