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God’s Jj Book & Handwriting

God’s Jj Book & Handwriting

Hello! Here is today’s lesson plan:
Sing God’s Letter Sound Song. Read “God’s Jj Book” and Handwriting with
Handwriting Hank. Check out our Pictorial Video Presentation
of “God’s Letter Sound Song” – the song we’re going to sing today. It’s right
here on our You Tube channels. It has a Blue Title Page. It looks like this. God’s Letter
Sound Song – I’m not seeing that many clicks on it and that’s why I’m concerned, because
that has the pictures that go along with the song. When we sing the song here, it is really
intended for a review, but you CAN turn on the closed captions that are on the bottom
right hand side of your video screen and while you’re listening to this video you will see
the letters we’re singing about. Watch my mouth to see how the sounds are made and listen
for the sounds. Feel free to harmonize with me once you know the song by heart. Why do
we keep repeating the Letter Sound Song in this Series of Lessons? Because knowing these
sounds has to be automatic. The beginning letter is the first thing you see in a word,
but also as you sound out words you will need to know EVERY letter sound to successfully
problem solve a word. If you know the sounds it will be easier. If you don’t know them
you will struggle. God’s Letter – Sound Song
God made letters and He made sounds. Put them together and your reading abounds.
There are all kinds of words you can read and they’ll help you to get what you need.
So, start with the sounds and the letters and your reading can only get better. Short Aa is “a” for apple,
Long Aa is “a” for April, Bb is “b” for bird.
There’s more letter sounds for words. Soft Cc is “s” for circle,
Hard Cc is “c” for cat, Dd is “d” for dog
Don’t sit like a bump on a log. Short Ee is “e” for eggs,
Long Ee is “e” for eagle Ff is “f” for fish.
Let’s put more sounds on YOUR dish. Soft Gg is “j” for giraffe.
Hard Gg is “g” for goat, Hh is “h” for heart.
You’ve got to sing YOUR part. Short Ii is “i” igloo,
Long Ii is “i” for ice, Jj is “j” for jar
You’re becoming a letter sound star. Kk is “k” for king.
Ll is “l” for lion Mm is “m” for moon
Just keep on singing that tune. Nn is “n” for nest
Short Oo is “o” for octopus Long Oo is “o” for oval
Make yourself more vocal. Pp is “p” for pig.
Qq is “qu” for queen. Rr is “r” for rooster
God will be your booster. Ss is “s” for snake
Tt is “t” for turtle Short Uu is “u” for up
Let God fill YOUR cup. Long Uu is “u” for unicorn.
Vv is “v” for violin. Ww is “w” for watch.
Let’s take it UP a notch. Xx is “x” for x-ray,
Yy is “y” for yellow Zz is “z” for zebra.
Good job! GOD can see ya! You’ve learned your letters sounds
in a very different way. You’ve learned your letter sounds
Using God’s Letter Sound Song today. Yeah!
Great, you did a great job! Wonderful! Today, and in all of these mini-lessons within
the Letter Sound Series you will be using the first 2 Strategies that Good Reader’s
Use: Look at the Picture and get your mouth ready to say the beginning sound. Do you have
to memorize these words? No, all I want you do is concentrate on the beginning letter
and the sound it makes. Now if you begin to recognize words it is not going to hurt you,
but these 2 strategies are not the only strategies you will be using to problem solve a word.
After we finish all of the beginning sounds we will be moving on to other lessons using
Word Families. This is “God’s Jj Book.” We look at the picture. We look at the first
letter – that sound that that letter makes a Jj makes is “j” It is the same sound that
a soft Gg makes. “j” and the word is jar jar. Written by the Lord Jesus Christ with Anita
Hiltz Anita Hiltz©2018 All Rights Reserved Worldwide
and we start with praise. I give ALL of the glory to my Father God,
the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit for the collection of books which He has written
and for the illustrations – ALL of which would not have been possible without Him. He instructed
me to put the copyright in my name and I have obeyed. God’s Loving World Ministries™
is a Christian Literacy organization whose mission is to teach remedial reading, writing,
math, and English to English as a Second Language Learners. Psalm 115: 1
“1 Not to us, LORD, not to us but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness.” (NIV) The last time we were together I showed you
how to make a shaker out of a chip can, but I made improvements to it, because of that
tin bottom it sounded tinny inside. So, I took another chip can and I cut around this
plastic on the other chip can – on a second chip can and I put it inside and taped it
to the bottom. That took away that tinny sound, because now it’s got a plastic sound. Just
put the paper back and I also instead of putting beans I put split peas – you could use lentils
it’s a little smaller and it has a nicer sound quality to it. I have to tell you when I went
on-line the one’s that they sell aren’t any different than this. They look the same – they
look exactly the same even the plastic end – it looks the same AND the proper way to
hold a shaker is like this. You don’t hold it like that – you hold it like this. I learned
that. See, I’m still learning too. I’m still learning, so whether you’re an adult or a
child you can make a great shaker for a little bit of money. So, let’s sing our song.
Psalm 115: 1 “1 Not to us, LORD, not to us
but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.
Not to us Lord not to us.” “1 Not to us, LORD, not to us
but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Not
to us Lord not to us.” “1Not to us, LORD, not to us
but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Not
to us Lord not to us.” “1Not to us, LORD, not to us
but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness. Not
to us Lord not to us.” There you go, so I hope I’m going to have
some musicians out there playing a shaker when we sing our song and that you can use
it on a regular basis when you are singing praise and worship. It’s O.K. to do that. Psalm 45:1
“1 My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king;
my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.” (NIV) We have the half title page It says, God’s
Jj Book Anita Hiltz©2018 all rights reserved worldwide and I’m not going to read the rest
it says it’s a part of God’s Letter Sound Series. We go back to the first picture. Remember
get your mouth ready “j” jar jar The first person – well not the first person
to invent a jar, because jars have been in existence for a long time, but not the nice
modern ones we have now. John Landis Mason was the first to patent a molded glass jar
that one would use for canning and storing food. It was invented in 1858. You’ve heard
of Mason jars? He’s the man who invented it. The lid had a ring that would hold a separate
lid and it would screw onto the jar. Eventually they were replaced with plastic containers
and tin cans. Unfortunately, Mr. Mason’s patent ran out and many people began to improve
on it. He went to court to file for patent infringement, but the court ruled that because
of his delay in protecting it – he had forfeited his OWN patent. As a result, other manufacturers
were allowed to patent and produce the jars for sale. So, you have to protect your own
property and your own inventions. Some of you probably have a gallon of milk
in one of these at home. You can see the picture. I hope it’s like the one’s you have in your
refrigerator. It’s a jug a jug Probably most of you have a jug of milk in your refrigerators,
especially if you have children. This is pointing to that stone in that ring.
It’s a jewel a jewel Hear the “j” sound? Here’s a picture of a pitcher, and a glass,
both of which have an orange substance in it and that substance is juice juice and you
can see that it has a half of an orange in the picture so this is orange juice.
This is something that’s good – you can find it in different flavors, in strawberry, raspberry
and it’s jam jam Here’s how it would probably appear on the jar with a capital letter in
the front because it’s a name jam I know that a lot of you probably wear one
of these sometimes in the summer. It looks like a basketball jersey- that a basketball
player would wear jersey jersey These are something comfortable to wear. I
know I absolutely love these jeans jeans Jeans were invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi
Strauss. They honor the city of Genoa Italy where cotton corduroy was made and that’s
why it’s called jeans, I guess they figured Genoa – Jeans. Levi Strauss who was German
came to the U.S. in 1851 to work with his brother who owned a dry goods store. The Gold
rush hit, and in 1853 eager to make more money he moved to California to open a branch of
the same store out west. It would sell, of course, cotton cloth. A tailor from Reno,
Nevada named Jacob Davis had a customer who wanted a sturdy pair of work pants that could
take a beating. The pants were made from denim that the Levi Strauss Co sold. He put copper
rivets where pants wear out the most – the flies and the pockets. Davis went into business
with Levi Strauss and they patented the pants and opened a big factory. I don’t know about
you, but I love jeans. God’s natural cotton is a great fiber. It makes clothing warm in
winter and cool in summer. You can’t find a better pair of pants that will last a long
time than a pair of jeans. This is a jacket jacket
This is Jj in different fonts – a capital J, lowercase, capital, lowercase,
a capital with some embellishment, and a lowercase with some embellishment, and a cursive capital
Jj and a cursive lowercase Jj. If you need help with learning and reading
God CAN help you. Th Let us pray.
Just say, Lord Jesus the Christ, I’ve made so many mistakes I must confess.
I repent of them now and turn from them. I no longer want that mess.
Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God and believe in your resurrection.
I want to be a child of God and receive your love and affection. Lord Jesus the Christ be my Savior.
Come into my heart. Cleanse me now of all unrighteousness
and give me a brand-new start. I ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
and the baptism by Holy fire too. I WANT to be changed and to do the RIGHT things.
I need help from you. Please help me to read, write, and do my math.
I want to start learning today. I want my life to take a turn
and start in a whole new way. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for helping me to learn.
I KNOW you can help make my ability, greater than anyone ever imagined
and bring back my self-respect and dignity. I ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus the
Christ. I say “Amen” and make it sure.
Now I’ll start learning the RIGHT way. I KNOW Lord Jesus, YOU are the door.
AMEN! Brought to you by:
God’s Loving World Ministries™ “Planting Seeds To Teach A Man To READ,
So, He Can Learn For A Lifetime!” ™
You can get this free book and a free letter sound
chart which includes some of the pictures shown in this video at our website:
You can also find other free spiritually clean teaching materials as well. Click on “Print
Your Free Books Now,” READ FEEDS, or ESL LIVE at our website. So, now we’re going to have a handwriting
lesson. Here we see Handwriting Hank. His head is at the head line. His waist is where
his belt is and that’s the waist line and this is the foot line. The letter Jj is one
of the easiest letters to make. I have to tell you. You start at the head line. You
make a straight line down. You touch the foot – line and you curve and bring it up and stop.
That’s a capital J. Now I have to tell you sometimes some people also put a line across
the top. So, you might see it like that also. You may see it like that. It’s not necessary,
but you might see it like that. We’re going to just make it the easiest way. We start
at the head line. We go straight down, we touch the foot line – curve, bring it up,
and stop. This is the way you will see it most often. We can do one more.
We start at the head line. We come straight down. We go to the foot-line and curve, bring
it up and stop. That’s a capital J. That’s easy isn’t it?
Now we’ll do a lowercase j. A lowercase j is not much different than that
one – it just starts in a different place. It starts at the waist line instead of the
head line. We start at the waist-line. We make a straight line down and we pass the
foot-line, yes, it goes below the foot line. Goes below the foot line and just below the
foot line you begin curving and you bring it up like that. Then between the head line
and the waist line – you put a dot. That’s a lowercase j, simple isn’t it? Let’s do
it again. Remember, we’re going to go down below the line and curve up. So, we start
at the waistline, we’re going to go past the foot line, curve, bring it up and then between
the head line and the waist line we’re going to put a dot. Then we’ll do one more. We’re
going to start on the waist line. We’re going to go straight down past the foot line, curve,
and then put a dot between the head line and the waistline. That is a lowercase j. And
that’s ALSO the end of today’s lesson. I’m so thankful that you came back again. God
Bless You! I hope you join us again and you have a great day! Bye Bye! Resources:
Factual Information about Mason Jars and their invention contained in this video can be found at:

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