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GLITTER ✨Fun! – A tutorial on how to incorporate my fave glitter supplies in art and lettering

GLITTER ✨Fun! – A tutorial on how to incorporate my fave glitter supplies in art and lettering

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bell! so let’s get started with today’s tutorial and today we’re going to talk
about some of my favorite things to do with glitter and I’m going to keep it
obviously super simple and we’re gonna just talk about some of my favorite
tools and a couple of different ways that you can incorporate it into your
artwork in your lettering so I have some basic Elmer’s washable school glue and
we have lots of this at my house and one of the easiest and fun things for my
kids and I to do is that we literally just take like any type of dish and this
one is just a cheap one that I got from the dollar Japanese store Daiso which I
actually use a lot because it’s got those three wells. I use that for water
color painting, but you just put in your glue and it’s just the tiniest bit of
water at first you’re just trying to thin the glue so that it kind of goes on
the paper a little bit easier when it’s super thick I have a really hard time
trying to you know paint with it so basically I’m just trying to get it thin
so that I have an easier time to paint with it and once you get it kind of a
good consistency you just start painting the letters so we’re gonna do hi and I’m
gonna keep it just simple to show you guys so you want to work a little bit
fast but not you don’t have to work super fast it doesn’t dry that fast but
the idea is get your letter down and then put your glitter on top of it and
I’m using some Martha Stewart glitter that I’ve I’ve had for at least 10 years
it it really goes a long way I’ve kind of conserved it this whole time and it’s
the same glitter I use and almost every single Instagram post that I’ve ever
done so just make sure once you’re done with the glue you really rinse your
brush out and after I didn’t show this part but after we’re done I actually go
and really wash my brush out in the sink and make sure I get all the glue out so
using this super fine glitter you’re just gonna go in and put your glitter
all over it let it kind of make sure you cover every spot that you painted and if
you don’t know this trick you probably do but just in case you don’t you take a
white just a plain piece of paper folded in half and this is what we’re going to
use to get the glitter back into our little jar so I’m just gonna show you I
totally it’s funny because I did a voiceover today on this since it’s crazy
at my house and sometimes you can only record at night but basically you tap
the back get all the glitter off and if you’re not sleep-deprived like I am you
should be able to get most of the glitter off with a dry brush and then
you put your glitter from the paper just into the container and if you happen to
spill it like I do you use your dry brush as a little broom and clean it all
up I am so funny because I seriously will
keep like every little piece of glitter that I have I okay so the next technique
that I kind of want to show you is this Sakura quickie glue pen that I have and
it’s like a gel pen like the consistency is like a gel pen but it’s glue so you
can get very precise lines with this glue pen and I’m gonna use I have this
book that I got it I’m called how to draw a modern floral so it’s a really
great book if you want to learn how to do like line drawing and stuff so I’m
going to just pick one of these and sit down
use my glitter pen to do a line drawing with the Sakura quickie
pen so I’m just going to kind of go through this and then I’m going to show
you one more technique after this and I’ll speed this up though because you
could just kind of get an idea of how fun this pen is going to be and one
thing to note with this pen is that it does dry pretty darn quickly so it’s
like you got a lay down some of the glue and then go ahead and do your glitter on
top of it so the glue even though the pen dries quickly you can go over your
line like you can kind of thicken your line up but it holds pretty well if you
are trying to make it like super permanent though you might need to spray
this with some sort of like adhesive spray or something to make sure that
once your projects all done there’s like an outer layer because even though I’ve
had pieces that last further forever like with this like I’ve had them for a
long time it can rub off if you rub really hard on it or like let’s say a
four-year-old is scrubbing away at it so it’s something it’s like it it does
seem to last pretty well but just maybe if it’s a project that you really want
to last you might need to spray something on top of it so I mean it’s
not super perfect like a line drawing but you can get like some really nice
lines using the pen so I just wanted to share one of these are it’s one of my
favorite ones and I do believe you can also do foiling with that pen okay last
technique that I want to share with you is using a marker first before you do
your outlining and it’s such an easy concept but I mean not to make fun of
myself but I did not think of this for like the longest time when I first
started lettering like it didn’t occur to me to do the letters and a marker
that I liked and then to go over it with a glitter so I just thought because of
that I should share it maybe I’m not the only one out there who sometimes does
stuff like that I’m doing my and a crayola marker and then I am
outlining in my blue and then pouring my glitter on top super easy super fun you
can add like tons of different colors to your glitter you can do an ombre effect
it’s really sky’s the limit so I just kept it simple though today so that you
guys could see what I was doing and then I’m gonna do a subscriber shoutout you
guys are awesome we have been growing so awesome on this channel and I want to
make sure I always try and give back to you guys cuz I appreciate all the
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