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Giving God Your Gifts: Silvana Scarfe | Calligrapher

Giving God Your Gifts: Silvana Scarfe | Calligrapher

So my name is Silvana and currently I have a small business called ‘Silvana Scarfe Design & Calligraphy’ I think I’ve always had a real passion for the written word ever since I was little in primary school I remember getting my pen licence or having to get my pen license and just always really priding myself on making my writing look good so I think from then it’s always just kind of developed over time and it was only in the last three years that I’ve really gotten into modern calligraphy before that I did more kind of gothic flat-nib work when it came to calligraphy but the last three years, it’s definitely been more modern and that’s where I’ve kind of developed it into a small business It’s definitely a process like if you write one word you’ll inevitably do something wrong, right? and you have to keep working at it so I think the perseverance as well but just the beauty in creating something on paper that other people kind of delight in as well Calligraphy benefits me spiritually in the process of it all and it’s not a very easy art form to just start from scratch and it takes a lot of perseverance and a lot of time and I think that kind of reflects the spiritual life in a way because we need to be like to persevere in prayer and deepening our relationship with God I have a great affinity to like words that describe what I’m going through at that point in my spiritual life So if it’s grace or love or truth hope or a scriptural verse I don’t know, it helps me in a really solidified kind of what’s going on in my life I think at the time and also create something beautiful that shows where kind of God’s bringing me on that journey So I run calligraphy classes to help benefit other people and also a lot of people that I’ve taught They’re so grateful for it because they come to a session like a two hour class and they’ve acquired those skills for life basically I can definitely see and I really believe that there is a connection between God, art, beauty and spirituality God is… He is truth, goodness and beauty And He reveals Himself to us through beauty which is phenomenal really because a lot of what we experience with the heart with what we see impacts us in a certain way and whether that’s a good thing or like whether that impacts us in a good way or a bad way I think beauty has a real a real important, an important part to play in that because I think it’s where God speaks to us in and through different experiences with other people or just seeing a beautiful painting or seeing something just beautifully done in art, it definitely I think There’s definitely like a spiritual experience that generally happens when we see beauty and I think we often don’t realize that its beauty until we experience that maybe that kind of like a tug in the heart that’s like a whether there’s a longing there and I think God uses that to definitely speak to us I was recently on a retreat with the Dominican Sisters of St Cecelia and I was reflecting over the days following the retreat different aspects of the different talks and I’ve come up with a different series of all these different elements that really spoke to me in those presentations So the whole idea with calligraphy is the upper strokes that you do are fine and the downstrokes are thick So that’s how calligraphy basically works I guess that’s the unique part of modern calligraphy is very fine strokes to quite thick strokes and that’s what gives it that unique look – it doesn’t look like it’s been printed on a computer and you can apply as much pressure as you need to to get the different thickness And it’s just a matter of I guess developing control learning how to… how much pressure to put on the paper because everyone’s going to apply different types of pressure and then learning how to control that so when you do, you know a certain type of letter or you do a certain type of stroke Understanding how to make that smooth is really important

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