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Get Children Out of Public Schools, Warns AZ Education Chief

Get Children Out of Public Schools, Warns AZ Education Chief

So we are here with Diane Douglas she
was the superintendent of public education here in the state of Arizona
until very recently Diane thank you so much for being with us my pleasure thank
you for having me so tell us a little bit about what you experienced Diane in
your role as you know supervisor of the public education system here in Arizona
well it’s kind of a misnomer Alex because really by law what the what the
superintendent actually does is oversee the Department of Education which is a
10 billion dollar operation here in Arizona but what I was so disappointed
to find out when I was elected to office was all of the policymaking authority
laid elsewhere either with the State Board of Education or with our locally
elected school boards but it really didn’t have much impact and sadly I ran
to repeal and replace Common Core we got a technical repeal but our governor
two-and-a-half months into my term shut down the State Board of Ed and refused
to allow them to replace it with standards that were classical education
standards we made we did get some stronger phonics instruction we got some
of the things fixed we have our kids now supposedly memorizing their math tape
their arithmetic tables reading ranked cursive writing we were the first state
in the nation to put that back into our standards we got rid of obscene
literature unfortunately as I left we were working on social studies and
science standards and basically the teachers threw a revolt and they touted
the State Board of Ed into basically accepting the C 3 social studies
standards and the next gen science standards I was beat up for wanting
students to just learn to question things like evolution learn both sides
of the argument ikuo we couldn’t have that no I was
called a lot of names a lot of names in the media for that and what I tried to
do ultimately because we weren’t able to make the changes to common core and the
social studies and science as a I hate to say parting shot but kind of a
parting shot I tried to bring in the Hillsdale Barney charter school
standards and I couldn’t even get a second from anyone on our state board to
even discuss it Wow and so you know I think you have a
national reputation now for your work in fighting common core would you give the
the viewer is just a little bit of an inkling of what’s wrong with common core
why should anybody care about this what is it doing to children well it’s so far
beyond common core that people think that Common Core is something that new
that just came down the pike and it’s impacting our children this is a part of
a hundred year or a hundred and fifty year battle that’s been going on for the
souls of our children and for John Dewey was very clear his intent was to change
our society and to make sure our children are run and under educated you
know it became so apparent to me when my own daughter went into school she
started in a school district and to this day I thank God that K through three our
district was Spalding phonics and Saxon Math so she got the basic foundation and
the first day she was in kindergarten that they started teaching phonics
I realized oh my gosh that’s why I’ve struggled with reading all my life
because I was taught with Dick and Jane and to this day till the blest dying
breath I take I will fight to get phonics in our schools Amen that’s so
awesome and I know now you’re involved with us parents involved in education a
national group so tell us a little bit about what you’re doing now in the
education field here in Arizona and why you think that’s you know one of the
good ways to go forward well one of the biggest fights we’re having here in
Arizona in my opinion is the sexualization of our children our new
superintendent is a Democrat a very very liberal Democrat and in her campaign she
said she was going to basically sexualize our children we had what they
called the know promo homo in the hiv-aids and sadly I think our
legislature and governor were more cooperative in that effort to repeal
that than they were in repealing common core and getting better standards for
our kids and you know if our kids can’t read if they
can’t do basic arithmetic they can’t write the future is closed and I think
that’s part of what concerns the edge’ crats the most is because quite frankly
if kids can read and do those basic skills they don’t ever need a teacher
again they can learn anything they want to for the rest of their lives and I
believe that’s where we need to get our children but this is just a tiny little
piece of a global agenda and I was told I was crazy for believing that but I’ve
been studying it for a very long time and I I love this country I don’t
exactly know why my grandparents came to this country but I thank God every day
they did and I want my grandson to have that have that blessing and I see it
drifting away amen and so what can an average American do
so you know say mom and dad Joe Sixpack out there watching this oh my goodness
we have a problem what would you recommend that they do to get involved
if they’re concerned about these issues well one thing I would strongly
recommend to them giving you a free promo here is get the new American
rescuing our children because what it took me years to learn and many many
many volumes of books they can get The Reader’s Digest version and understand
what we are facing in a very real way and how far it goes back it didn’t start
with common core goals 2000 or any of those it’s been going on so understand
the battle we’re fighting first and foremost then if you keep your
kids in school I wish I had had the courage to homeschool my daughter but I
was chicken at the time but maybe my grandson I’ll be able to to home-school
if you can do that I agree with you get them in a private school but the reality
is 85% of our kids are still in traditional district schools if we don’t
fight this battle get on your school board go to your school board meetings
and not just when your kids get in a nice little football award or whatever
it is I don’t mean to be derogatory but the reality is they have to be there
fighting tooth and nail we don’t trust there’s so many things in
life we don’t trust but yet we’ll trust anyone with our children all right and
that breaks my heart yeah well Diane thank you so much for
everything you have done everything you’re doing and everything that you
will do on behalf of our children we really appreciate it thank you and god
bless you god bless you as well for what you do I hope we can keep working
together and keep fighting this battle because it is truly the Battle of our
lifetime absolutely thank you so much Diane pleasure

19 Replies to “Get Children Out of Public Schools, Warns AZ Education Chief”

  • spitfire red says:

    Bravo for sharing out the truth, God Bless You Alex Newman and Diane Douglas!

  • james williams says:

    What ENEMY COUNTRY does that state board work for? God bless this lady. She`s a patriot fighting the devil in her own yard.

  • C M says:

    Thanks for sharing this interview. I homeschooled my four children long before it was accepted. All four know how to think, they know how to teach themselves new subjects or skills. I would never trust my childrens' minds present day educational brainwashing and propaganda.

  • Chris Aussie says:

    I do the constant battle every week with my 5 year old daughters school. The principal won’t even enter in to a conversation with me over the wifi in all classes. Even kindy classes. I emailed him and he sent me back the standard ARPANSA bullshit and that’s where it ended. I sent numerous emails and no reply. I think it’s time I sit down and have a chat with him and watch him squirm like a worm on a hook

  • Gabby Mouse says:

    There should be no compulsory education, period. Parents should be taking responsibility for their child's education, either by doing it themselves, or by choosing an appropriate private school.

  • Ken Switzer says:

    Thank you Mam! My 2 daughters went to private schools where they learned phonics and even civics. One graduated Valedictorian the other in the top ten percent of her class and both are physical therapist. You are so right, you must support children and not run up just to cuss the teacher out anytime you child does wrong. Too many one parent homes and parents that just want to be buddies with their kids to help the kids learn respect and responsibility. These so called experts that make policy don’t care they just like a paycheck. If teachers could control their classes without fear of losing their jobs, there would be more good teachers. My wife spent 26 years in public education so I know what I am talking about. Kids fighting, screaming, running the halls, kicking and spitting on teachers and one instance where tha teacher stepped out for less than a minute, 2 6th graders were having sex in the class room with the other children looking on. Was there any punishment? A light scolding but no real punishment. If other parents knew this happened many would have suede the school or teachers for allowing it to happen when they really could care less. Private school teachers have authority mainly because parents are supportive. Kids can be kicked out for being excessively rude or troublesome.

  • Gracie G says:

    Thanks so much for the both of you. An excellent interviewer. And I agree this is the battle of our lifetime, minds of our children. There’s nothing so precious.

    How in the world has it become possible for public schools to gain authority to teach sexual ANYTHING to our children???
    Why aren’t parents OUTRAGED?
    That’s the home job. The parents’ job.
    Schools have taken out references to God, to Christ and our Bible in any context whatsoever.
    Yet taken out a curriculum of teaching very young children on up the very personal issues of sex?
    Many parents only want limited sex education for their child until the child is older.

    There’s so many issues here. Common Core. The dumbing down. Decisions made at state levels and higher which belong in the local schools.

    I am a retired first grade teacher, a mother and grandmother. How and when has this all come about?
    Guess you can tell this is a significant concern for me and should be for each and every parent.
    Thank you also for your concern.

  • Mark Adkins says:


  • DachshundsRule says:

    You know, I don't even care when I get called "conspiracy theorist" over this issue, as the origin and progression of this ideology in our education system is so readily available, anyone can read up on it. Then look at the falling rates of literacy in our academic standings over the last few decades. It's self-evident.

  • Karl Priest says:

    I am a retired teacher and unequivocally proclaim that there is no hope for America as long as Christians and conservatives allow our children to be indoctrinated in the pagan (a.k.a. “public”) schools. We must rescue our children! See specifics at http://www dot insectman dot us/exodus-mandate-wv/index dot htm I am not raising funds. My goal is to rescue children.

  • pa triot says:

    Great lady
    God bless her

  • Brent Tanner says:

    World zionism agenda…setting up Israel to rule the world with a communist iron fist. Nations must be dumbed down for easy domination.

  • Qualms says:

    My sons got by in ‘public school’ after learning to read by age 4, acquainting their eyes & ears with the stuff of Christism , euro/ American heritage & culture, & ‘deprogramming’ them from obvious lies & fallacies. Though not 100% in understanding, as men they know to search out a matter. Hopefully my grandson will follow suit.

  • magpiemaniac says:

    You’re a fantastic interviewer, Alex. You allow people to finish their thoughts while your straightforward follow-up questions guide the interview toward getting the most information out of your limited time. It’s a lost art.

  • Valerie L. Sinegal says:

    Great lady
    God bless her
    Bravo for sharing out the truth, God Bless You Alex Newman and Diane Douglas!

  • puncher davis says:

    Parents need to be just as much of the education process as the school.. Be involved you are just responsible for your kids education as the schools are.

  • ocsob007 says:

    communists, psychopaths and perverts run the system, because they're never held personally responsible and they know it! They are one of the DOMESTIC ENEMIES as described in the Constitution!

  • Amadeus Frison says:

    It's time for those in the public education system to speak out about these abuses against our children. Google Jennifer McWilliams!

  • Jahima Hanif says:

    There you have it people… Get your children of the future far away from the Killing Fields of Public Schools and develop a community home school system for them. Grand-Mothers, Grand-Fathers, Aunts & Uncles, we have something to do now in our so-called retirement age instead of being idle.

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