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Get balanced with calligraphy

the art of letter writing… We have Master Sha…an expert in Calligraphy… specifically TAO calligraphy here to explain how the ink and strokes can help bring some balance in your life. Thanks for joining is. 1) How does Tao Calligraphy work? Calligraphies carry Tao Source love and light which can remove the matter blockages inside of the cells; energy blockages between the cells; and soul blockages for healing. 2) What is the calligraphy healing aspect? If a fish lives in polluted water, the fish is either sick or dies. To save the fish is to purify the water. A human being lives in a polluted area. Water pollution, air pollution, andinside of the body are many blockages. They are also pollution. To heal is to remove the blockages. The healing calligraphies carry the purest love and light which can purify and remove all kinds of blockages for healing. 3) What kind of healing do you do? I offer soul healing through the calligraphies. Everything and everyone has a soul. Soul is a light being. Soul is the boss of a human being. To heal the soul first; then the healing of mind and body will follow. 4) Why did you choose Hawaii this year? Hawaii has an Aloha spirit. My service is to teach love. Love melts all blockages and transforms all life. I have created “love field” through the sacred calligraphy. 5) And what is the special program your offering this year? Master Sha will host a calligraphy retreat September 21-25 and Tao Healing Retreats in November. Visit for more information. 6) What can people expect during the sessions? People could experience a feeling of warmth, tingling, or peace and joy. Some people could instant pain relief. People could also feel an opening in their heart and feel love. Queen’s Medical Center is partnering with a world renowned cancer center to bring the latest in cancer research to patients across the Pacific. Queens made the announcement

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