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Garment IO Explainer – Arabic

Garment IO Explainer – Arabic

Garment IO uses IoT technology to increase productivity in garment factories When I ran a garment factory, one of the biggest challenges I faced was to know exactly what is happening on the production line Imagine having hundreds of workers performing hundreds of processes every minute No one can absorb that amount of information with traditional means In reality, most of the decisions I took were based on experience or intuition not accurate data This resulted in late production orders The good workers are the ones who left the factory and production cost was always higher than forecasted In short, we are able to identify the problem after it happens not before so we can prevent it or understand what caused it Imagine if you were able to know everything that happens in your factory in real-time You can also understand what every worker is doing and where every piece is on the production line you can also take decisions based on clear and precise information using tools that are available to you anytime, anywhere Garment IO does all that and more We install a terminal next to every machine every worker logs in by tagging their card At the cutting stage,
we attach a smart tag to each bundle

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