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G10 U2 WB P10 “A mark of respect” قراءة درس / مترجم

G10 U2 WB P10 “A mark of respect” قراءة درس / مترجم

grade 10 unit 2 workbook reading page 10 a mark of respect sometimes respect between cultures happens in the smallest forms in 2002 the United States Postal Service issued a special stamp to honor and commemorate Islamic culture the blue postage stamp was adorned with gold Arabic calligraphy in celebration of both I’d al fitra and I’d al-adha the text reads both I’d Mubarak in Arabic and I’d greetings in English providing a simple bridge between languages and customs I’d Mubarak translates literally as blessed festival and can be paraphrased as may your religious holiday be blessed the ID stamp was designed by Zakaria a calligrapher who specializes in the art history and practice of Islamic calligraphy the type of script chosen for the stamp is known in Arabic as thuluth it is a large elegant and cursive script and first appeared in medieval times Philip is written on the principle that one third of each letter slopes Zakaria describes it as the choice script for a complex composition due to its open proportions and sense of balance the stamp design was created using carefully considered traditional methods and instruments the designer used homemade black ink with pens made from seasoned reeds from the Middle East and Japanese bamboo from Hawaii the paper was prepared with a coating of starch and three coats of special varnish that contains egg whites it was then polished with an agate stone and aged for more than a year Zachary is original black and white design was then embellished with color using a unique computer program the colors chosen gold script on a blue background are reminiscent of great works of Islamic calligraphy even the colors of this special stamp are a mark of respect [Music] [Music] you

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