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funny scene from an arabic movie “Ful Al-Sin Al-Azem” with English subtitle

funny scene from an arabic movie “Ful Al-Sin Al-Azem” with English subtitle

come on son, don’t be afraid remember to send me the 1000 $ i’ll give you 2000$ but let me stay here take this paper,
a chinese friend wrote it give it to the officer
in the airport in china to help you thank you let me stay with you i’m terrified Go on son what a bad news what’s wrong engineer? Engineer?!
My name’s Momtaz, I’m a business man pour the coffee, maybe it’s the last cup in my life what’s the problem please? 350 died how is that? in the plane crash yesterday
you didn’t hear about it? if i had heard about it, i wouldn’t have come here they say, 200 were found in tail
90 were stuck in the motor and the rest were found in the cabin as slices it looks a bad day I’m pessimistic
nowadays the ticket of travel is a ticket for death can you be pessimistic away from me?
coz i can’t handle anymore i’m scared coz i will fly in the same
type of the crashed plane you’ll reach safely God willing
pray on the prophet Peace be upon him where will you travel? China with me and you will fly in the type of the crashed plane!
what a bad day you sit silently while you’ll travel 18 hours? should i stand up silently? read Qur’an so fast I swear i’ll read in the plane what drink do you want ,sir? any halal drink what’s this paper? my father in law gave it to me
it’s written in chinese when i reach the chinese airport
i’ll give it to the officer, he will help me aha he’ll help you! they say, when they find the dead bodies who say that? don’t interrupt me they say
if they could find the dead bodies the dead bodies look like this Security !
Ambulance !
i got someone fell off the plane have you died before?! i educate you Attention please,
we notify you, we received
the dead bodies of the plane crashed in Ocean the relatives can receive them from Gate 5 they say… Shut up I educate you shut up God, save me where did you come from? it seems to be a good trip You?!
next to me!
what a bad luck Mr. Momtaz please
i swear i can’t handle it please, fasten your seatbelts as if who died before haven’t fastened them! there’re emergency doors under every seat,
you have the life jacket shall i wear it now? not now
when we fall in the sea I told you, you died before God save us God lower your voice
they’ll think you’re a terrorist don’t provoke me it’s not a proper time for it Mr. Momtaz Mr. Momtaz Mr. Momtaz where’s the toilet please? why did you wear this?
it’s for emergency case it’s not your business
where’s the toilet? yes, but… it’s not your business this way please (Don’t use the siphon while sitting) O brothers on the plane
I got sucked O people! what’s wrong, sir? help me!
I got sucked wait!
we’re opening the door Come on in
before i fall down I got sucked and I’m stuck Cover me may God cover you I don’t know what’s wrong
but help me what a bad day
I told you I’m pessimistic help me!
I’ll die while I’m sucked why did you use the siphon while sitting? by mistake what happened? the siphon here is vaccum when he used it while sitting the vaccum sucked the air between him and toilet
and he got sucked as well then, he will die? shut up please do anything we can’t unfasten the toilet
it’s dangerous for the plane unfasten me we have two solutions
wait till we arrive, then they fix it otherwise we cut the meat
between your thigh and toilet thigh!
not thigh, don’t cut it I’ll handle waiting We have 5 hours to arrive i’ll sit like this 5 hours?! it’s better to cut your thigh shut up!
it’s not chicken thigh cut this man’s leg you idiot Hello why did you come early? finally i will meet an egyptian
the son of pharaohs

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