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Funny Magic with Alphabet Cards – Tyler’s Magic

Funny Magic with Alphabet Cards – Tyler’s Magic

Hey guys. We’re here at TreeHouse, with Emma,
and Kyle as camera person. Why do we always have him as Kyleperson? Kyleperson? Kyleperson.
Camera person. Are you going to make a pretty girl disappear? We have alphabet cards, which
I may or may not have stolen. I say that because it sounds better than saying I bought alphabet
cards. which you just said. we have like A, here you can have that. okay, oh! can you
hear this?!? do you need me to turn it up for you?!? I didn’t show that so okay. didn’t
get that on camera. we have 2 p or I have 2 P. you and your puns. these bad puns. alphabet
cards. we have a prediction, which can go there for now. will, I couldn’t see it. it’s
his last and final will and testament. I’m going to riffle through the cards. I want
you to say stop sometime. stop! you’ve gotta be faster. stop! I-okay do it again. stop!
I haven’t started. she’s like “why you gotta be so rude?” and I’m like “Magic!” get it?
I get it. it’s a bad pun. Stop. alright, I was being fair this time. take your card,
show the camera. Tyler football 5 minutes? sure. you have the card memorized? alright
what card did you choose? Y. because I need to know for the trick. so, what card did you
choose? it was Y, the letter Y! alright the letter Y alright, my prediction. ah that’s
hilarious. we have written here you will pick Y. alright if I had known I would have been
in this video, I would have dressed more nicely you look amazing, your shoes. thank you Kyle.
your shoes match your shirt. my shoes match everything! shes got the shoe shirt game going
on. oh yeah so by the way I just wanted to let you know that U R A Q T it was upside
down. it was upside down? they’re all upside down. that just makes it cuter. just turn
your head upside down. this is how magicians flirt guys. in a magic trick that’s going
on YouTube. so you’re flirting with me now. with alphabet cards. I feel special. it’s
a mystery why I’m single. alright so last thing I’m going to have you pick another card
and we’re going to do something say you pick the letter S I’m going to then do a trick
saying words that start with S while doing the trick and no others so it’d be like Superman
shoes stuff like that. socks So please don’t pick Z. alright I’m going to riffle through
you say stop.okay stop! alright there well actually I can look alright it’s C not a Z
I think there’s a chance I can do this alright you want to like move scooch where do I scooch
to? just alright that works alright C I’ve got this if he makes a cat appear I’m going
to lose my S— cat just comes walking out of the bushes Certain charming conjurors can
create cunning conundrums causing confusion cards coming ceasing creating crazy crowds
clap causing commotion no no applause that’s it I’m impressed Ice cream truck! Kyle It’s
the creeper ice cream truck I want ice cream Hey guys, thanks for watching hope you liked
it if you did leave a thumbs up and also be sure to subscribe if you haven’t yet and leave
a comment down below remember that you are all cuties til next time have an awesome day.

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