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FUNNY AWKWARD SITUATIONS AT SCHOOL || Funny And Embarrassing Moments by 123 GO!

FUNNY AWKWARD SITUATIONS AT SCHOOL || Funny And Embarrassing Moments by 123 GO!

Why do the most embarrassing things always
happen the second you get to school? Don’t worry, these awkward situations at
school happen to the very best of us. Whew! Boy, do I feel better now. Oh hey there, you handsome devil! You’re the man! Oh, forget it. Oh no! Your shoe! Made it just in time for class! Oh boy…does he know he has toilet paper
stuck to his sneakers? Yep, there it is. Oh my gosh, Sophia, look! Kevin’s dragging around dirty toilet paper! You guys are mean! Oops! Didn’t check yourself before you got off the john, huh? Man, that was pretty darn awkward. One great thing about no uniforms at school
is being allowed to express yourself with fashion. But unfortunately, great minds tend to think
alike, don’t they? Seriously? Lana’s wearing the exact same outfit as me! This is so awkward! And I thought wearing yellow would make me
stand out from the crowd. That’s it, I’m putting on my red sweatshirt
before anyone notices she stole my look. This should teach me never to shop at our
local mall again. Okay, that should do it. Phew, barely escaped that super awkward moment. Huh? You’ve got to be kidding me! At least the two of you can rest assured you
have good taste. Have you ever been hanging out in between
classes when the unthinkable happens? Uh. I’ve got to get this thing juiced up, fast! Hey, Sophia, do you have a charger I could
borrow? But unfortunately, Sophia keeps her charger
in the same pocket as uh, all her, “girly” products. OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE MOST AWKWARD MOMENT
OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!! Um, I’ll just go ask someone else, okay? The period just before lunch is always the
toughest. Ooh, that tummy sounds hungry. Um, what is that noise? Sorry guys, I forgot to eat breakfast this
morning. I sure hope everyone knows these are tummy
grumbles, not gas… Woah, girl, do you have a lion in there or
something? Stomach grumbling is totally natural but that
doesn’t make it any less awkward! Well, at least Lana finds it funny! Try not to laugh, try not to laugh… Oh boy, this is tough. Miss Sophia, tell your stomach to try to keep
it to a dull roar, will you? So awkward! Okay, why don’t you go outside and eat a
little snack to hold you over ’til lunch. And now we can laugh! Does anyone know what year Leonardo da Vinci
was born? Looks like Lana may have the answer, Ms. Applebee! Uh oh, looks like art history is a great way
to put Sophia to sleep. Here, let me see what you put down for number
five. Woah! You’re laying down on your teacher’s butt, Sophia! That’s definitely not my pillow. I can’t believe I just snuggled with Ms.
Applebee’s bottom! This is the most awkward thing ever. I wonder if she even noticed. I wonder if I got her butt germs on me. Ick! Man, all this studying has got me feeling
super groggy. Don’t worry, I’m awake, I’m awake. Okay, back to Socrates. Where’d this guy live again? You know what? I think I’ve had enough of philosophy studying for today. It’s snack time! Could you be any louder, Sophia? I’m sorry but a girl’s gotta eat! My brain’s working too hard. Why is it when you try to open things quietly,
they sound louder than a blow horn? Sophia, do you mind? We’ve got to buckle down and study, the
exam is tomorrow! Okay, now we’re finally getting to the good
part. Okay, did you seriously just crunch on that
thing in the middle of the library?! Oh no! My phone is ringing! Well look who’s making all the noise now. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black,
am I right? Crunching still bothering you, Lana? Aw, who are those gorgeous flowers for, Kevin? Here she comes now! Is Kevin looking at me? Okay, don’t panic… Look at the way he’s smiling at me! Hey! Hello?? Is he talking to me? There’s no one else around, it has to be
me! No boy has ever brought me flowers before! Oh my gosh, look how cute he looks! And those eyes? My heart just skipped a beat! Woah, Sophia’s sure looking good today. Hey, baby! Sorry Lana but it looks like those flowers
are for Sophia, not you. Stupid popular girls. They sure make things awkward for the rest of us. I wonder what song Sophia’s listening to? It looks like she’s really groovin’. Hey! Sophia! Think you could spare a bud? What good is music if you can’t share it
with your friends, right? Yes! I love this band too! So good! Thanks for the listen, you can have this back
now. Um, did Kevin just get his sticky earwax all
over that earbud? That’s so disgusting! Should I say something or wipe it off? This is so awkward. I’ll just call it a day, I guess. Hey Lana! Take this. Nothing like a little innocent note-passing
to help pass time by in class. This is so juicy! Sophia’s gotta see this. Kevin has a WHAT?! Bah! That’s too good! Oh, here ya go — uh oh… Ugh, I’m so stupid! You girls do know we’re texting in the 21st
century, right? Writing notes is so antiquated! I expected more from you girls. Did Lana and Sophia just get burned by Ms.
Applebee? Ah picture day, the most awkward school activity
of them all. Between the blaring lights, uncomfortable chair and fake smile, taking a picture good enough to frame is practically impossible. Looks like we’ve got the classic dork-takes-her-glasses-offand becomes a supermodel on our hands. And of course, we’ve got our run of the
mill jock, posing with basketball in hand. We get it, you love sports. Obviously the teacher’s pet has to make
sure to get her medals and trophies in the shot. And then there’s the mama’s boy who clearly
wore what his mother laid out for him this morning. These are going straight into mommy’s wallet,
no question. Are we too cool for picture day, miss thang? Clearly this activity is cutting into her
very important social obligations. Sound the alarm — we’ve got an aspiring
supermodel on our hands! These pics are definitely going onto her Instagram. And now, make way for the prom queen! Make sure these are good – they’ll be
in the yearbook forever! And last but not least, we’ve got your regular
‘ol cool guy. Who also has seasonal allergies. Oh no! Why is this photographer taking photos at the most awkward moments? Well, I guess there’s always next year,
right? Ah, chemistry class. Also known as the most boring period of the day. Ooh, got a little tickle, there Lana? Nothing like a persistent cough to draw attention
to yourself during class. Geez, can someone get this lady a lozenge? Uh oh, this cough is getting more intense
by the second. When you have a coughing fit in class and
can’t stop, it’s so embarrassing. It makes you feel like a diseased leper or
something. Well this is just getting more awkward by
the second, isn’t it? Alright, go outside and cough up whatever
it is that’s trapped inside you, will ya? Could you relate to at least one of these
awkward moments? Be sure to share this video with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go’s Youtube page so you never miss out on our side-splitting content. See ya next time, friends!

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