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Fucile sovrapposto F.A.I.R. Pathos. La prova sul campo

Dear hunting friend, it takes its name from our passion it’s the Pathos over/under, manufactured by F.A.I.R., an over/under shotgun that’s proposed in two different versions, the one you see here and the one we’re going to test in the field featuring a body machined directly from a solid forged steel block and finished with this high gloss bluing with hand-finished gold inserts The English style stock, like the forend, is made from select walnut wood with oil finishing and with a particularly gripping, fine pitch checkering. An over/under with an elegant lean and clean look thanks to its smooth forms, in fact the receiver features a round body, entirely hand-finished. The single selective trigger system and the golden trigger, just as well the golden elegant engraving on the opening key showing a partridge head. The tight and safe locking system is operated by a large transversal bolt and two lugs. The extractors are automatic and the available barrels meet all the different hunting needs, in fact they are 68, 71 and 76 cm long always equipped with internal interchangeable chokes. The tri-alloyed steel F.A.I.R. barrels have a particular chrome lining that preserves their performance in time. This over/under is produced in all the main hunting gauges, namely 12, 16, 28 gauge, 410 bore and all with a dedicated action body with the exception of the 410 that uses the same body of the 28 gauge. A lighter version features a nickel plated Ergal 55 body and laser engravings and it’s named Pathos XLight. The shotgun in the XLight version is even more light but also this version machined from solid steel blocks does not exceed 2.8 kg in the 20 gauge we have today here and reaches a maximum weight of three kilos in the larger gauges. Well, we just have to leave in this beautiful autumn day with our F.A.I.R. over/under and of course take them with us.

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