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French Lesson – The French Alphabet

French Lesson – The French Alphabet

Hello! My name is Aurélie. And if you have clicked this video,
you wanted to learn some French. So lets begin. Today, we will start with the French alphabet. The French alphabet is similar to
the English one, but pronunciation is different. We have 26 letters including 6 vowels. Listen and repeat. Ah, Ah Bay, Bay Say, Say Day, Day Euh, Euh Eff, Eff Jhay, Jhay Ash, Ash Ee, Ee Ghee, Ghee Kah, Kah El, El Emm, Emm Enn, Enn Oh, Oh Pay, Pay Kew, Kew Air, Air Ess, Ess Tay, Tay Oo, Oo Vay, Vay Duble-vay, Duble-vay Eeks, Eeks E-Grek, E-Grek Zed, Zed Ok? You got it? Alright. So now, every time you have the chance go in front of your mirror
and pronounce the letters. Looking in your mouth, your lips, and your jaw. Alright? -Alright. Now,
I have a question for you. Can you hear which letters sound exactly the same than in English Leave your comment below and see you – in the next video Au revoir!

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