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Freebies: Stationary – #TossItTuesday

Freebies: Stationary – #TossItTuesday

Oh, this is so beautiful… Oh these tulips… I really love this. This really reminds me of my mom. Isn’t that beautiful? I think I’m gonna send that to her. I think she would really love that. *GASP* oh, and this one I love this wandering path with the little bench. Just reminds me of the long walks I used to take with my best friend and we’d chat about life and all that fun stuff. I think I’m gonna send this to one her… That would be so great, wouldn’t it? Lies! It’s all lies! These are not going anywhere. Except like in a drawer to sit there and die. Are you really gonna send them? I am NOT going to send these to anyone. And I bet you’re not going to send them either. They’re free they come in the mail. Pretty pictures, pretty stationery… you probably have stationary that you prefer already… Don’t pretend like you’re going to use it someday. These freebies… if you have kids or you have little ones that can play with them for art projects that’s great – give them to ’em, or give them to someone that will use them. But, at the end of the day Toss It Tuesday!

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