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Four-Letter Word Practice for American Sign Language Alphabet (ABC, ASL, fingerspelling)

Four-Letter Word Practice for American Sign Language Alphabet (ABC, ASL, fingerspelling)

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100 Replies to “Four-Letter Word Practice for American Sign Language Alphabet (ABC, ASL, fingerspelling)”

  • dumbunny8128 says:

    @BYUFanatic I enjoy your videos. Regarding answers, many math textbooks have a mix of problems with answers and problems without. If you have time, I would like to see you create a similar video with answers at the end. See which video is more popular after a few months. Is it better for 1000 people to watch a lesson 12 times each or 4000 people to watch a lesson 3 times each?

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @dumbunny8128 That's a good suggestion. I actually do have "answers in the back of the book" for these fingerspelling videos. To get the answers, simply sign up for Month One on my website.

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @n4di4133 Yay! I'm proud of you too! Keep it up!

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @fuufii LOL. That's why I have these practice videos, so that you can learn to put all the letters together and see complete words. Keep practicing, you'll get it!

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @lordsmyshepard15 Awesome! Glad you're picking it up. *smile* Glad your teacher is using my videos as a warm-up too. That's GREAT!

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @sophakingsillier Glad you like it! You're very welcome. *smile*

  • stan rosenblatt says:

    just starting asl–love your teaching–very precise and descriptive. Can I access your videos without having to sort thru all others to find BYU???

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @sgrroseleaf Glad you enjoy my teaching. When I'm unable to interact with the viewer, it's important that I be as clear and precise as possible. *smile* You can always access my videos simply by going directly to my channel or you can go to my website.

  • FluidSigner says:

    You are left handed just like me.

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @FluidSigner Yep! That I am! *smile*

  • daysable says:

    Awesome video, I find it extremely helpful to sign along with you while watching your videos. Helps so much. At first I thought the speed was a little fast, but the more I practiced, the more saw your words as actual words and not just me spelling out letters in my head.

  • GsoPRO says:

    excellent vidoe but way too fast for me

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @OHAITHEREITSME Take a closer look. the E has the index finger on the knuckle of the thumb while the O has all the fingertips touching. Check my ABC video for correct handshapes if you need clarification. Good luck!

  • alex wilbur says:

    Good for practice. Thx. My concern is that a lot of the words you chose to fingerspell have signs for them so I wouldn't have to "read" them in real life. Is there any way you would make a vid for fingerspelling receptive skills with words that would more commonly be spelled, like proper nouns?

  • vesterpop says:

    You have wonderful fingerspelling! I've been trying really hard to fingerspell more quickly and I think my problem is that I don't move my fingers big enough? Anyway, thanks for these videos. I'm glad to report that my fingerspelling has gotten a tiny bit better since I commented on the three-letter word practice video. 😀

  • allywkcat says:

    Sooo helpful. Thank You!

  • Borninthewrongdecad1 says:

    This is amazing! My fingerspelling is rather fast due to a lot of practicing on my own, but my reading skills are far lacking. I was feeling discouraged until I saw that I could read what you were saying as entire words. Thanks for the great video!

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @Susana8896 You're very welcome!

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @Borninthewrongdecad1 Glad I could help!

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @allywkcat You're welcome!

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @julietteagain I do it just to annoy you. *wink*

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @vesterpop It's not about moving your fingers big. The important thing is accuracy. 🙂 Glad you like the videos!

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @alexwilbur Actually, a lot of these words can be fingerspelled at any time. It's not about the particular words I chose but rather learning to recognize letter combinations. 🙂

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @MightyMoran You're welcome! 🙂

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @daysable Yay! Glad it's coming together for you.l

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @ashleighjayxo Because the four-letter word I am spelling ends with the letter "Y."

  • Alicia O'Hara says:

    ~ 5***** ~ Thank you, Rob! ~Blessings!

  • m224601 says:

    I can't even understand the first word? I can only see three letters…I'm actually so confused. The first letter doesn't look like any letter I've seen before. He is spelling them out, right? :S

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @m224601 Yes, I am spelling them out. *smile* Perhaps you might want to start with my fingerspelling video, then check out my 3-letter word videos before doing this one. That might help.

  • Rob Nielson says:

    @beannaichte123 Well thank you very much!

  • Danyell Smith says:

    thanks!!! this was great practice! you should have different speeds of videos. 🙂

  • Daan Heimans says:

    Hi…. I am taking a ASL course in the Netherlands right now… Although we use fingerspelling here, it is still pretty difficult… Anyway: Is there a list to see if I am correct with trying to see what was fingerspelled?!

  • Rob Nielson says:

    The answers are part of the lessons offered on my website.

  • SachiJones says:

    I took two quarters of ASL in college 7 years ago and I've recently restarted my studies. (I'm HOH and I'm beginning to need to use ASL more than just wanting to.) Fingerspelling has always been my weakness. Your videos are immensely helpful. Thank you! 🙂

  • VictoryinChrist254 says:

    This was great, thanks! Do you do any at a faster speed? I'm in ASL 4, so I understood you, but I'd love some practice at "Deaf speed" =)
    (No, I'm not being mean, random YouTuber, this is what I've seen various Deaf people refer to their fastest speed as.)

  • skimlines says:

    I love these videos. Perfect for practicing fingerspell reading!

  • Priscilla Mitchell says:

    Very, very helpful! I just need some with longer words too, and two words at a time

  • Solomon Donald says:

    Hi Rob, i need some help learning ASL… i run this small center where i invite people to teach kids… I have two deaf and mute kids who signed up… can you help me by sending videos so i can teach them?

  • TJ Thomas says:

    Thank you for doing this! This is so much better then letters flashed on a screen. By doing this I am forced to consider the hand movement and the lighting. 🙂

  • Alyssa Smith says:

    This is a lot of really good practice. The only problem is the angle that you're signing at. Sometimes its hard to see what letter you're Signing.

  • Laura James says:

    #10. Holp? everytime I read it that's all I see.

  • vash elray says:

    was 13, bagh???

  • Erik Moad says:

    These kinds of lessons seem to be few and far between. Thank you!

  • natalexwolffluv123 says:

    I'm terrible at this 🙁 but I did get some words

  • Daiiisssy says:

    thats so freaking fast lol… common

  • Joe stroud II says:

    Great signing, thank you for the lessons. Learned alot

  • The Collective Squishy says:

    I loved this video! Im just learning how to sign and I got every word (with definite pauses sometimes haha) although i had an issue with "bone" for awhile. I'm hoping that was right…i think it was #49. Still though, I learned tons and can't wait to be able to fingerspell with ease.

  • Matthew Martin says:

    Is #17 Mere ? I'm stuck on that 2nd letter…

  • Alexis Villeneuve says:

    so hard! literally just started learning about an hour ago. i got the alphabet, counting and some basic words and phrases down. this is still a little too fast for me, ill have to keep working on it

  • Gloria Rebeca chin says:

    Too fast!

  • Lee Penn says:

    HUGE difference between my first time through and my second time through.  At first – I had a hard time with p and k – I guess I over tilt my hand down on p… Thank you for providing this great video!  It's super helpful!

  • Mandi Smith says:

    Ok, I'm pretty good at finger spelling, but this is too fast.  Every one in my class has trouble figuring out what your signing.

  • Daniele Weinstein says:

    This person goes much too fast! That is why this seems so hard

  • Hunter Bement says:

    Doing this for school sucks… it's so hard, and way to fast. Thank you for this video though

  • mimamagyar says:

    wow, thanks!!  I'd love to see a video done at full speed and without repetition, since I begin to "wait" for the second time … thanks for doing this, right now any practice at all is good.

  • Eh Wah says:

    u sock u don't talk

  • Emily Mccord says:

    This is great practice, thank you!

  • TheBoss YesiGirl says:

    Wow if this is slower than normal I'm so behind D: Practice practice!!

  • chany0789 says:

    i just started asl a few days ago and this is definitely too fast I dont even know what the first word is… oh well practice I guess.

  • Ashwat Giri says:

    Slowed it down to 0.5 speed and can still barely figure them out even after seeing it twice. Very frustrating.

  • Dinah Estes says:

    Babies can learn to sign at early stage first and then later fingerspelling. My baby already knew some basic signs after 8 months old easily. It will reduce frustration. Unfortunately too many deaf children don't benefit cochlear implants. This mother should have tried to meet ex-cochlear adults. Sadly some of my friends have severe headache all the times and it didn't really help them but doctors and parents never really understand how they feel. Money is all doctors want. Professionals are trying to block deaf professionals and deaf communities from sharing their experiences with parents lately. We love American Sign Language, the most beautiful language and Deaf Culture.

  • Nia Moore says:

    What is thirteen through fifteen

  • frozenpixie says:

    This was very helpful! I had to slow it down to 0.5 speed though, and had to wind back a few times on some words. Still got a long way to go.

  • P Marsh says:

    Thank you so much for these videos. They help a lot! Receptive fingerspelling has proven to be a real challenge for me. Do you think you will continue with 5 & 6 letter words and then perhaps when we get good, increase the speed little by little? Just a thought! Thanks again! 😉

  • Michelle Boruah says:

    I have been using your videos to create Edpuzzles for my ASL students to practice fingerspelling practice, etc. For some reason this videos settings say that it can be only played in youtube and it has been disabled to play in any other format. Would it be too much to ask to have you change the settings so that this can be used in other formats?

  • Crys Gallegos says:

    how can you slow it down??

  • Marlene Hernandez says:

    How do we check if our words are right

  • Jack Jones says:

    After working on the three letter video a few times, this one seemed so much harder. However, by half way through I was starting to really see the flow of the words and it was really satisfying to get the hang of.

  • Delores Emeagi says:

    Lol I watched this video in September and had to slow it down because I couldn't understand what you were signing. But now (January) I can understand at normal speed although it still is a little challenging!

  • Delores Emeagi says:

    I'm gonna come back when I've forgotten the words and try it again at a faster speed

  • Felicia Akin Greer says:

    Great practice

  • Rebecca Still says:

    I like this video, every so often i had to pause it to allow my brain to catch up, for me there wasn't enough time in between the words. Altogether a very fun and challenging video! Thanks so much for taking the time to make this!

  • Lacey Friendly says:

    Thanks for this video, it's really helpful.

  • Tara Golchin says:

    this is so helpful wowowow!! I think if I watch this another few times I'll get the hang of ASL spelling :O

  • Kristen Lizotte says:

    Do u have an ultra slow motion video lol
    So fast for me.
    Its only day 2 learning asl lol

  • Spooning Demon says:

    i feel pretty stupid because i have to pause at every letter. these words are really random, too, so it makes it even harder without any context.

  • Maddie J says:

    Can someone give me all the words? It would help me out tremendously. Thank you!

  • Alex Rae says:

    Advice: If this video is too fast for you, click the gear symbol on the video and change the speed.

  • CaptainArrow says:

    I am conversationally fluent in sign language but my receptive fingerspelling sucks rocks. Thank you, this really helped. 😉

  • Amanda Hager says:

    Great practice, one of the better formats for a fingerspelling practice! Thanks 🙂

  • Alex Leonard says:

    i want this man in me pkease eat my ass

  • Guru Pathik says:

    i cant not get 21 ….. C-A-M-P ?.. look like a K but i love this video anyways!

  • mimamagyar says:

    Thanks… so glad to have this support online!! any more in the works? 😀

  • 24Teixeira says:

    This is way to fast for beginners. Little slower would be better. I try to make out the first letter and the video is over. Crazy

  • Angel Ballardo says:

    Just a little too fast for me

  • John Capone says:

    What is the second and third word

  • Kevan Stratton says:

    Slowed it down to 0.75 and barely figured it out. I'm pretty sure this is a little more than challenging for beginners. great video though

  • Mr.Uncensored says:

    Way too fast, and you should let the audience know what word you are signing.

  • Amelia MGH says:

    This is very helpful; what a great tool. Thank you for this! The speed is perfect for those learning, but not at a basic beginner level. Those finding this hard- check out his other video for 3 letter words- that may be a little easier for you!

  • Austin Harnishfeger says:

    Your video sucks ass. Maybe you should do the signs 4 times.

  • Goat Shenanigans says:


  • David Stone says:

    Very well done. I have trouble keeping up with some of the words, but I like the challenge. That's how I increase my skills.

  • Harris Howard says:

    I still think  the best videos for the hearing learning ASL should include audio since we can hear as well as learn signing

  • Jordan Lasseter-Morgan says:

    This is good practice, but for someone in ASL 1, it is too fast. It'd be good to hold the sign for at least a second. Most of the signs you're doing 4 letters in almost less than 2 seconds.

  • Sovietpizza says:

    Your signing is fucking garbage.

  • Donya Walker says:

    the only thing I recommend is to have a list at the end so we can check ourselves. I am currently trying to prep for the NIC and in practicing realize I needed to practice seeing finger spelled words. So I can keep up with you I just want verification that I am correct.

  • Christy Healey says:

    Haha, I had to slow it down to 0.25 the slowest one to catch them :"D

  • Rocky Ruggiero says:

    thanks for the video. It would be nice if you said what the word was after each one so we wouldn't have to watch the entire video

  • dezzi says:

    tHat wAs slOw

  • cranberrycrimson says:

    I had to slow this to 0.5 speed to understand.

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