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Foufou a besoin d’aide / Need help / Necesidad de ayuda / بحاجة الى مساعدة

Foufou a besoin d’aide / Need help / Necesidad de ayuda / بحاجة الى مساعدة

Hello Foufou, How are you ? Ah ??? What’s happening ? You have a problem ? You need money ? What for ? To continue making videos? Ah ? Because it takes money to
make videos? Ok And it takes a lot? Ah anyway !!! But then, what can we do to help you? So if I understand correctly, if all the people watching you right now, gave you just 1 euro, you would have more than enough to continue making videos for children? So actually, it would be a shame to stop everything just for 1 euro. But then, how can we send you money? You don’t have a bank account, do you? with the help of Tipeee ? But, what is Tipeee? A crowdfunding site, tip-based? Waits !!! If I understand correctly, it’s a bit like giving a
tip to a waiter, to reward him for his work? And do we have to give 1 euro? Ah ok, we can give what we want. But 1 euro would already be great. Very well Foufou. Well, I’m going to go see that. And you too, If you want Foufou to continue
make videos for kids, Go to this address, and feel free to give what you can. If for you 1 euro is little, for him, it’s already fantastic. Waiting, whatever you do, a huge thank you to you for your support, and see you for the next episode.

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