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Foreign Student Seeing China

Foreign Student Seeing China

Hi, my name is Umi, I am Vietnamese and I
have been in China for six months. My major is Journalism and I am currently
studying Chinese language at Anhui Normal University. At the beginning, you can feel that Chinese
is difficult to learn because it has four tones. My oral skills are still not very good but I am sure it will improve with time. At the time I was studying Chinese, the most
interesting part to me was Chinese Idioms. There are so many Chinese Idioms and some
I particularly like. For example, “When in Rome do as the Romans
do”, “just so-so”, “Seeing is believing”. The writing of many Chinese characters are
based on various physical shapes. For example, the character for “Moon” looks
likes the moon and the one for “Tiger” is similar to a tiger, and also “Horse”.
It is all so interesting. Chinese characters are not only use as a language tool. But they have also become a kind of art form
known as “Chinese Calligraphy”. The effect of writing brush, ink stick, ink
slab and the paper which together represent “the four treasures of the study”,
in Chinese calligraphy is very beautiful. On the other hand, Chinese painting in Chinese culture is my favorite art works. Just like David, many foreigners really like
Chinese painting and calligraphy. But beside these two, they also get to know
about Chinese folk music, musical instruments and modern music in order to explore this new and mysterious world The first time I heard a Chinese song, I found
it nice, especially Love songs which are very touching. Later on, I decided to learn some Chinese songs myself… I have a friend of mine who married a very
beautiful Chinese girl. I have known them since the time they started their romance. Each time I see them, they always appear happy and romantic. I think Chinese people are very hardworking.
It doesn’t matter if it is raining or windy, farmers are still working, workers are constructing. They work hard and are serious in what they
do; just like my classmates who spend most of their time in class studying.
They are also very warm-hearted. Because of language issues, we have problem sometimes following lectures in class, but our Chinese classmates are very happy
to help us and assist us to get through difficulties. Besides study, we also spend some happy times playing together. What about the food? Is it easy for foreigners
to get use to Chinese cuisine? At the beginning it was difficult to get used
to it, because Chinese food is different from our food back home. But with time, I started liking it very much. My favorite dishes include dumplings, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, Chinese hotpot, potatoes with beef, etc. During summer, I really like hanging out at night with my friends for a barbecue, drinking some beer while chatting, and have some fun. Chinese cuisine is already very famous all
around the world. There are different types of taste, every
region has its own specialties. By choosing to study in China, they don’t
just have the opportunity to enjoy those tasteful dishes but also to visit some of the most beautiful landscapes on our planet. Beijing is the cultural center of China, and
also one of the ancient capital cities in the world. As one of the seven greatest wonders, the Great Wall is a must-see. I also visited the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and found them very beautiful and
attractive, all built in a Chinese style. I especially like natural environment, places
with a lot of trees. Chinese have a saying:
“You have no wish to visit any other mountains after viewing the Five Mountains, You do not even wish to visit them after you come back from a trip to Huangshan Mountain” ,
I didn’t really understand the first time, but when I visited Huangshan Mountain ,
I then discover that Huangshaun truly has many astonishing sceneries.
The air is very fresh and everything is green over there, that help you relax in just a
few seconds. Though their main purpose in China is studying,
they also use that opportunity to travel, explore and enjoy different regions culture,
beauty and customs all around the country. But China hasn’t always been the way we see
it today. There have been tremendous changes since the ancient time. Chinese culture in the ancient time was at
its richest point. I really like how Chinese people dress during
the time of Emperor, very traditional, very beautiful, especially women’s clothing. Though China has evolved, many traditional ideologies, virtues, arts are still preserved. There is a big difference between the ancient
and the modern architecture style. Ancient architectures are built in a Chinese
style, very special. Modern constructions are built more in a western style. Now, the structure of a city can change in
a very short duration. Though development is a good thing, it is
also important to preserve some old constructions especially those with a significant historical
meaning, for example the Forbidden City, and regarding
this matter, I think China has done well. China is developing very fast.
After the Olympic Games in Beijing, many people finally realized how great Chinese people are, how hard they work and how organized they are. The Olympic Games in Beijing really left me with a very deep impression and admiration. China’s economic has become the second after the United States’. At this present moment, it is not only us
who have eyes on China, but it is the whole world.

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