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FONT BULMAK HİÇ BU KADAR KOLAY OLMAMIŞTI! (Bilgisayardan veya Mobilden Saniyeler İçinde Bulun!)

FONT BULMAK HİÇ BU KADAR KOLAY OLMAMIŞTI! (Bilgisayardan veya Mobilden Saniyeler İçinde Bulun!)

Music: Tasarımcı Dayı Hi Friends. Today I’ll show you to find fonts. I made a study about it before. But about a year ago. That’s why I decided to show it to update and more detailed. We have to find a font program. Name Find My Font no you can not find the font is a font program. Because the working principle so good; what font you are looking for much more, even if the How Can Find characterized slightly in a very comfortable way. As you can see my desktop findmyfont.co address the deficit. From here, if you want you can easily download the software. Are you going down there and you can see the features of the software also can read. If you wish you can also download the free version. 900 fonts you can do just one search. And of course this free version is available for 30 days. The Pro version is only a small amount, just 49 dollars. The mobile version is completely free. and you can also easily make calls at Mobile version all using the same principle with the program. But look on the computer, of course, much more fun, much more sweet. Now you can download over the site. a downloaded from here come to this, just say FREE Edition. You can easily download the free version here. What if your system s windows windows, mac mac se, supports both. This is already one of the most positive way. Direct download our windows version, As you can see it began to descend. You can install one or two very simple move, your computer after landing. After Setup font you how to find it, I’ll show you how it works. I did a search on facebook for this and that, ” What font? ” He said. Fonts that’s been asked a few people trying to find out what the font As you can see here, I got the visual and We will find that these fonts starting from today. Two, four, five. In this way, people have asked, what is the font I extract from five today. We’ve been trying all five of them, respectively. As a screen will come up after you install the program. This follows on the left side of the screen, which will be a visual image that the font you are trying to find the horse. If we define the characters are trying to find the bottom of the font will look right here. Currently you find the right font displays. Bottom will be spelling words with the font you specify above. Just let me show you. For example, I get the following paparam. I’m in here. When you actually look at pretty low quality, pixel by pixel. But I would try it if I can find the font here. Using the mouse middle button, you can get away approximately as follows. As paparam doing the right click, come mausla is enough to do right click on the letters. As you can see I chose. Here already it is almost the same as for letters, here because all the letters are almost the same, You do not actually need to select them all. It may even be enough actually to select your finger here. I chose and I still say paparam. As you can see right here, right now paparam I wrote the same thing written. But I would also want to look something different here. ” Paparam good money, ” I wrote, for example. So I want this text to appear. At the moment I left KIIS, I will start looking among the press enter a font. And as you’re searching on the Internet, including local fonts on your computer. As you can see there local search, by removing the tick if you want You can prevent from making calls on your computer or You can prevent users to search online. It is totally up to you. Fonts found immediately, as you can see, one on one. What was papara means that font? Harabar and at the end you see the font was located DaFonte t have a free font. You can download these freemium means if you write next. I just double click it, for example. findmyfont showed me through their site as you see. Download Be in there, if I click on DaFonte flour, I’m coming to the region where the fonts directly. I say, and I can use my downloaded easily download fontu. So what happened? Both fonts are finding us, but also shows the region can download the font. Let’s try the next one, for example, writes GEEK HUMOR. Let’s get it right, let’s here. I’m getting closer, right click, but I’m going to go in the right click for example; “ğ” or “i” arrived. When I right click chose it, but did not choose this. I do take it as a separate right-click on a character. To prevent this, you hold down the shift key and then press it, press and hold the Shift key, you can also click on the point. In this way, these two remain as a whole and in this way you can continue on your way. Bottom accidentally becomes something that you have marked, also to Blocked When you click on the cross on the flag that you can remove wrong. Humor I wrote, I enterla. As you can see the font birebir found me. And what font? He was a font of Transformers. Again DaFonte free and he was also taking place. Pair twice if I click here I go again, I could download the same way on the site. We try the next one. Located e.g. K, R, D and S letters. I choose these three. I can provide a more detailed selection of the three. So there contrast, how wide would be selected, for example, if a full line that if I, As you can see all the full so we chose the white part. Du yi, yi SA chose clearer. The more it reduces, at the top setting, it will choose the less part. Point felan choose as you can see at the moment. You can select it according to the visual type. For example, the background is gray, white font over there by post. And you may need to select more detail. You can reduce these settings. How you upgrade will also select so clear. K, R, D and S were also. Enter ladık. Yes, as you can see fontu found us and gave us. What is it? He was a font of Chinese Rocks. It has a paid fonts. As you can see, but there was also a free version of the third. You can use these fonts to download by clicking on it again. I’m going next font; PARADOX font. This font is a font such as inclined, so there’s angle. I want to straighten this angle, so you get a full look at me, I want to get an exact straight line. For this, there are means in this program. ABC says the part you see here, you see there, if you click on the icon If you take a turn, and then type the following and the moment you leave the font will flatten. So it will bring perspective. You’ll feel more comfortable when choosing. Reverse is, I do not know something is a cross, so you can fix them easily. Then come right upper portion, i.e. n + next slide to the side, You can select font. Look; I’m holding down the Shift E to X, for example, I’ve chosen. PARADOX, and I’ll say enterla. He is doing the search in their data. And as you can see found. And he delivered me. Can I download this font I here? Yes, absolutely free fonts available. At the same time in order to provide clearer when choosing the font you choose, If you click on the icon and choose if you can see that the bottom part where you fontu There you can adjust the Contrast. That type of contrast I can upgrade to emerge more clearly in the following way. Write can play with width. You can provide the perspective correction, etc. You can adjust settings here and if you say okey As you can see above you with high contrast text gives a clearer version is white. If you have difficulty in finding a font in this way, You can find a much more comfortable way of contrast enhancing in this way. Already choose the font immaculate as you can see now in the sign. Look also you can clear all of the selected ones. I will also show the weather icon scissors now. For instance, it inserts HERE; to determine where the font, I’m gonna try. I raise the contrast there first. Okay, I say. As you can see the contrast of an upgraded version gave top. Then I begin to select individual. i have n there, s there. e to what happened here but if I have to choose, as you can see, following letters were combining. I will cut as shears so here reunion. After upgrading the contrast’ll adjust the angle there. I will ensure that the full-flat. Then I’ll take the scissors tool cut follows below. Why do I cut? If I do not cut it this way, if, as I’ll show, When choosing fonts is a complete unified will, so will all the white part. Taking a united here because everywhere receivables way. I cut right to the bottom half of the letter that combine to prevent it. As you can see Kestim. Now I’m getting my normal tool to select letters, I’m beginning to choose. There i, n has, there s, we get the e y. I stopped there because gold was getting out of there as you can see below. Received r t t t I received. I’ll write here now, I’m going to insert, and enter a bass. And it will call these fonts in their own data. As you see, he had found a comfortable way. What is it? Dickie Medium font and she has been free. We can also directly click download fonts and can use it. What does other vehicles you see here? I’ll show them all. Look from the top, through your folders, you can capture the image you want to find a font. Or holding image, you can take directly the following screen like me. There you can see a screenshot taking tool like under. Here’s something you want to find the font such as the back or on the desktop When you press it will take a screenshot of the section behind one. And he’s starting from the screenshot you can find your Font. Those two vehicles already works to rotate the image left and right. You terss to the visual, so that you can fix it. At the bottom it is useful to select font. So summer is useful to select the type. And you can select the type of the vehicle type. You can correct the image’s perspective as that of gold if his skewed perspective. There is a scissors icon. This is also the scissors icon, just like I showed, you may disconnect between the letters, telling it to ligatures. while its bottom; that you have come, you are working with image fonts, contrast set What better way to ensure that help you find the font. As you can see there was increase the contrast. And the following also works to move away from the subject approached. Right click away, left Tiksi approach. maui subject that you can do in the middle keys. At the same time you can also go for a ride like this in your fonts, you can see where all your fonts. So software is working very professional. Mobile app also works at as too professional manner. Both such; Search your computer that the font you remove your phone is not on your side when you can find. You really liked the way you see a font you, you see a banner. Just take a picture of that moment he can learn the font. In its field, in terms of font search and discovery, and I saw that I knew in my market This is so far the best software. It is no good. Download this app on your mobile phone. Because believe me, it really works for you and the moments you never thought possible, helps you out. Yes; I wanted to show you this training also my Font Finder software. Because the software is really one of the best in the business. And did you also may be useful to repeat because I think this training. I hope it was better than previous education because I tried to explain in more detail. Again to discuss a new study. In a new video to discuss Designer uncle. Do not forget to subscribe to. Take care of yourself Bye. Music: Tasarımcı Dayı

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